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Ecclesiastes 10,11,12; 2 Timothy 4

19 Bread is made for laughter,
and wine gladdens life,
and money answers everything.  Ecc 10 ESV

Recently, I met a friend I have treasured for over twenty years for coffee. And we sat together- and crammed as much life possible -into two and a half hours of sharing. The theme of many of our talks over a long stretch of years has related to money, career, children, provision… “and money answers everything.” My sweet friend has struggled to find her place as a godly, intentional wife and mother alongside the need for financial provision and her passion to utilize God given giftings and abilities. This Word rises for me. Would she be more at peace if the need to work was less about money and more about purpose and calling? Only the Lord knows. Financial need is a justifier of many things. I know this full well. Financial “success” would certainly remove that part of the equation. Money can smooth the way of life, ease the crease of care, lift the burden of the heart. Grant (a sometimes false and sometimes true) sense of peace and security. I thought of my friend and our talks. Struggles shared. Desires longed for. Peace needed. Real fear and uncertainty. I thought of long talks down a corridor of years. “Bread is made for laughter, and wine gladdens life, and money answers everything.” And Bread is also made for nutrients, and wine can be medicinal, and money doesn’t answer everything. It can’t save the soul. I pray for my friend, and I pray for me: that God would grant wisdom, direction, and provision. Grateful that He knows the core of the soul. He sees through all.

20 Even in your thoughts, do not curse the king,
nor in your bedroom curse the rich,
for a bird of the air will carry your voice,
or some winged creature tell the matter Ecc 10 ESV

I have been living a dream come true. A dream that is comprised of coffee, Todd, and his voice reading a short devotion in the morning. It has only been a few days, and I only pray the sweetness continues- But, in one of these devotions there was a focus on sinful strongholds. Patterns of the flesh; attitudes of the mind that are quick to rise up in moments of weakness and times of pressure. And then an assurance that the Holy Spirit is available to offer true and full victory in overcoming such strongholds in the life of a believer. I had opportunity to realize that I had entertained false skeptical thoughts recently. And I recognized that this is one of my strongholds and tendencies: Suspicion and skepticism. Thoughts that are not the clear, pure flowing stream they should be. I need to be in the Spirit and in truth even to the uttermost of all of my thoughts. And the victory is in Jesus. Nothing is hidden. Lord, let everything hidden be pure and true.

Lord, help me walk with You and rest in You. Let Your Word be life and truth in me. Be with my friend and show Yourself strong on her behalf. You are the lifter of her head. You are the lifter of mine.

Vanity[b] of vanities, says the Preacher; all is vanity. Ecc 12 ESV.

Let all that is not vanity remain, O God. Amen.

Rebecca (offeringsbecca)




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