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Job 35-37; Psalm 122

I love the way Psalm 122 opens up – I like to think of it as a song of a person who decided to go to church and worship God. Is it not a demonstration of what people of faith everywhere always do? There is an assigned place where we come to worship God. I know in my walk as a disciple, I decide to faithfully and devoutly worship God with others.  

I was glad when they said to me,
    “Let us go to the house of the Lord!” – Psalm 122:1 ESV

My love to God is expressed so well in worship and speaks to the core truth that I am made for worship. But what is becoming a more important conversation these days is that the focus from this Psalm is not on my worship only. It is celebrating the beauty of the rhythm of worshipping God alongside others in an ongoing way.

Can I over-emphasize the all-church gathering? I think holiness, wisdom and balance cannot be found at the exclusion of the worship gathering. It has to be a part of my life as a disciple of Jesus.

Just look at the encouragement that comes from the statement, “Let us go.” I can graciously and effectually invite my neighbours to where there are spiritual realities that are embraced by others. It is an invitation. I hear Jesus words here too – not just follow me, but join me – in the way He was going.

I hear the gladness resting on the personal invitation. I am glad to make the journey with you because it involves others. It is a family reunion of sorts. I think of those who have just begun their journey of faith. What next? I invite them to church. Why because that is where those who follow Jesus meet – it is there where we worship together.

 Father, I am so glad for the family that invited me to my first church service. What a special place to be found every Sunday morning. I know for so many that I meet that church has become a messy place for them, show me how to walk with them and be a part of allowing them to see how much joy there is when it comes to worshipping together. May Your Spirit meet me each morning and may my joy not be found in the experience alone, but in being in Your presence. It is You I have come to worship and I pray that this will be my purpose of coming with others. Thank You so much. 

Erwin (evanlaar1922)


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