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Joshua 22; Acts 2; Jeremiah 11; Matthew 25

In the deepest parts of my heart I want to carry out the mission/purpose that God has for me. I want to love, walk, obey, stand and serve Him with all of my heart and soul. It is how Joshua explains it. 

With that comes responsibility to pray for the church. I am learning how to do that better. I love the snapshot given in Acts 2:42-47. I want to pray that we are devoted, and learning. I am thankful for my church family.  I pray that my commitment to being part of the family happens even when I am tired or have had a hectic day/week/morning. I pray that our hearts and minds are engaged, stirred up and transformed on a continuous basis. I pray that we will build relationships, spend time together and forge meaningful conversation. I am thankful for the friendships I already have. I pray that discipleship takes place. I need to think about who I can pray with. I need to pray that a culture of prayer permeates my life and the life of the church. May it be my own testimony that I delight in prayer. May I be sensitive to the needs of others. Can I be sacrificial in my generosity? What can I give –  time, money? I am thankful for those who have recently come to know Jesus. May I grow in loving and welcoming newcomers. I pray that others, who do not know Jesus, would see Him in me, allow me to introduce Him to them and watch them see His hand at work in their lives and finally come to a place where they can put their faith in His saving grace.

I wrote a post where I noted that God asked Jeremiah not to pray. God repeats Himself again here.

Jeremiah, don’t pray to me or plead with me on behalf of these people. When they are in trouble and call to me for help, I will not listen to them. – Jeremiah 11:14  GNT

He was upset that they would go to someone like Jeremiah so they could benefit from his prayers. This clarifies reasons why I stopped praying for certain people. I think I know I am in trouble if God is no longer listening to my prayers. 

Matthew describes how important it is for me to be able to engage people before Jesus comes again. Jesus is coming again. May I find myself remembering the power of fellowship in the church. If any are hungry, may I feed them, thirsty, may I provide a drink, naked, may I find clothes for them and if in prison, may I visit them. I know that what I do matters for what I do reflects the Jesus who I walk with each day.

Father, I see You and I want to be like You. I see you in the early church and I want my church to reflect You in my community today. May I be responsive in repenting when my separation from You messes with our relationship. I so look forward to You coming again. In the mean time there is so much work to be done. May the work of the Holy Spirit never be done in my life until that work is done. Amen.

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