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2 Chron.16; Rev. 5; Zech. 1; John 4

Photo by Mandy Baldwin

What drives you?

I have a lot of things that drive me…

  • Getting the day done so I can go home and relax.
  • Getting to the weekends.
  • Vacations!!
  • Helping people.
  • Making people feel like they matter.
  • Dessert!!

The influence of those things above are not bad. We all have multiple drives that propel us out of bed and into the day. Without a strong drive we would struggle and most likely have trouble getting out of bed. I have had different seasons in my life where the reality of that difficulty has made life so hard.

For so many (including myself on some days) food is the main drive and influence in life. I love Jesus’ Words in the 4th chapter of John.

“My food,” said Jesus, “is to do the will of him who sent me and to finish his work.”

John 4:34 NIV

The life…the power…the energy…the motivation…the drive of Jesus is to do the will of God. Imagine…what would your life look like if your drive was the same as Jesus? What would be the same? What would be different? Jesus models taking a step deeper with God. He moves deeper than obedience. He molds His life after His creator.

I’m going to be spending time this week pondering Jesus words and what it would look like if my drive/motivation was to do the will of God. What about you?

Dear God, what a gift to have the life of Jesus to learn from. What do you desire from me…from us? God we desire to do your will. Forgive us for when we fall short. May we be driven by you and your will and your love. Amen



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