2021 Contributors

Craving to see God’s Word applied to each facet of my life, I look forward to another year of coming alongside other believers on 66 Books. I treasure the application of Scripture to my Christian walk, my marriage of 25 years, parenting 6 kids, homeschooling, and whatever else seasons my life with along the way. Each year God faithfully shows Himself much more than I realized the year before. Excited to see Him prove this all over again in the year ahead. ~Erin

“That which is most personal, is most universal.” (Henri Nouwen) We are not alone in life. I am currently a therapist working with couples and adolescents in Noblesville, IN. Previous to therapy, I was a pastor for over 15 years. Twelve of those years I worked with youth and their families. I am single and love spending my free time with friends. ~Mandy

I’m a wife of 19 years and a mother to three children. I teach kindergarten at a Christian school. I’ve been a believer since childhood but did not study the Bible until age 30. Through reading the Word, God confirms His faithfulness in the good times and teaches me through the trials. ~Kellie

Hi, I’m Jen. I’ve been a believer for 48 years, but God is graciously showing me new things from His Word each day.  I am humbled to have the opportunity to share a bit of what He will teach me this year here at 66 Books. Thomas Watson said “Know God and His attributes and promises.  Strangers do not walk together.” It is my prayer that as we study God’s Word this year, we will come to truly KNOW God, not merely know ABOUT Him, and that this deep knowing will bring great peace and joy.

I think of Jacob wrestling with the ‘angel’ until he was blessed when I think of how I have wrestled with God’s Word until He has changed me. So my life is not a journey, but more like an adventure as He thrusts me into new pursuits and challenges me into knowing His heart. I know only one thing – He walks with me and talks with me as I walk this path of following Him. And because He holds me with His strong right hand and protects and comforts me on some of my saddest moments, I have a testimony to His hope, peace, joy and love. May my adventure through the Word of God be as powerful for you as it will be for me in 2021. ~Erwin

I’m humbled and count it a privilege to be part of 66books this year. I love the Lord and I’m passionate for His word and its enlightening and transformational power to redeem and change lives. By the grace of God I gave my life to Christ at age 10 and have grown to love and serve Him in different capacities while at Uni and still do so now in church and in my personal life too. To the glory of God I’ve been married 28 years with 3 adult kids. I’m a Cybersecurity Professional, YouTuber and an avid Ultra Marathoner and Fitness Coach who has a passion to encourage people to look after their body because it’s God’s temple. For more info check out my YouTube channel “ultraspiritrunners” and my Facebook group “ultraspiritrunners“. ~Bayo

I focus on living life in purpose, on purpose. I’ve been reading through the Bible since 2009, and I’m grateful for the privilege to study God’s Word alongside really dedicated people. I love making Bible reading a regular part of my life. And I’m grateful to be part of this community. ~Courtney

I am currently a freshman at Moody Bible Institute where God is growing my knowledge of Him and His word. After one semester, God has already revealed so much to me through his word and I am excited to continue discovering God’s character through the Bible. I find so much beauty in the journey of faith that God is taking me on and I see His intentionality in each step. I never want to be lukewarm in my faith. Every day, I want to choose to pursue God and walk in step with Him out of my devotion to Him. I am so thankful to be able to write alongside such wonderful people as we intentionally dive into the Bible and share what God is teaching us. ~Faith

I have been in pastoral ministry for 41 years. I also roast coffee at Furnace Hills Coffee with my daughter who has Down syndrome. I’m married to Louise, and we have three adult children and four grandchildren. I have been a contributor to 66 Books in the past, and I look forward to this year of reading through the Bible with all the rest of you. I welcome and encourage comments to my posts! ~Dave

I am an empty nester with a man friend, one son, his fiancé and four granddogs. I work as an accountant from home four days per week and go into the office on Fridays. I grew up in the church, but it never became personal to me until I was in my 30’s. Me and God the Father, Jesus the Son, and The Holy Spirit have walked through many things and have even fought a fierce battle. But each incident has drawn me closer and closer to their hearts. I look forward to seeing how they help me on this adventure! ~Carol