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Gen47-48;Psalm 25;Gal3(AMPC version)


Gen 47-48 (AMC) 

I love the way our Sovereign Lord causes all things to work together for our good.
In these scriptures I see God bringing to completion what he started when Joseph was sold as a slave and carried away to Egypt, where he eventually ended up in prison for a crime he didn’t commit…now fast forward a few years later God used him to save the lives of his family during famine and God did something beautiful here, Pharaoh gave them the best part of Egypt to live in. When things are not going my way and all hell seems to have broken loose, this testimony of Joseph reassures me that God is working behind the scenes to turn all things around for my good (see Rom 8:28(AMPC)) and like Joseph who loved the Lord and trusted Him, I just need to do the same and I will find that even events that seem accidental are ordered by God(See Prov16:33)!!

Galatians 3:(AMPC)
I believe the purpose of the law which was written on stone tables was to make the Israelites aware of their sins and to prescribe a temporary method of “righteousness” and “holiness” through their actions (“works”) as a guardian to them till Jesus came and died.
When Jesus came however, he paid the prize for our sins and a better covenant between God and all men was instituted which involved God inscribing his commandments on our hearts so that we now willingly obey God from our hearts as opposed to being forced to obey Him by the law. Here faith is the key, faith in Jesus and the prize He paid on the cross as opposed to obeying the law because of the consequences of disobedience. Faith in Jesus activates the grace of God which makes us all sons and daughters of God (their is now no Greek or Jew or Gentle Gal3:28). It commences a new relationship with God and causes Him to inscribe His words on our hearts and entitles us all to the promise of God to Abraham in Gal3:14. With God’s law inscribed on our hearts their is a willingness from us all to please and obey Him. Faith in Jesus also brings the grace of God to us to practically enable us live a righteous life through help of our personal Helper The Holy Spirit.

Psalm 25 (AMPC)

Here I see David looking to God and trusting Him for protection and to prevent him being put to shame. Like David we must always bring our worries to God and trust that He will never put us to shame but will come just in time to save us.



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