Joshua 22-24; Psalm 116; Luke 19

Today I’m sharing Psalm 116 in my own words followed by a song, entitled Psalm 116, by one of my favorite artists. (If you’ve never rearticulated/rewritten a Psalm from your own perspective back to God, I encourage you to try it!)

Psalm 116

I love you, Father.  Thank you for knowing me and knowing my voice specifically and for HEARING and ANSWERING my prayers.

You have shown me in the past that You hear and listen, so I know that, for the rest of my life, I can talk to You anytime and You will hear me.

I have experienced grief and sorrow.  At times, the sadness and fear are almost too much to bear.  

But I remember! Because I know that You have heard and answered in the past, I can call on You NOW and ask for help and comfort.

God, You are so kind and loving to me.  You make ALL things right even when this world seems very WRONG to me.

Thank You for protecting me even (and especially!) when I don’t realize I need Your protection.  You guard me in every way- physically, spiritually, and emotionally. You protect me from my own ignorance and inexperience. You pick me up and carry me when I am at my very weakest.
I’m a worrier, God. I lose a lot of sleep worrying. But I should be able to rest peacefully, having left all my worries and concerns with You.  You have blessed me more than I could ever know or articulate. Because you have done good things for me in the past, I know You will do them in the future.

Unlike the author of this Psalm, I haven’t faced the possibility of my own physical death.  Although I have experienced times when it seemed like death would be a welcome relief from the struggles of life and the sins of the world, You give me hope.  Your Word and Your reputation of kept promises console me and keep me from spiraling into despair.

And I have the assurance that, while I live on this earth, I am living in Your very presence because of the salvation You have so generously bought for me.

I confess that often, during difficult times, even when others assured me that You were working for good, I didn’t believe them.  I couldn’t understand how my circumstances could possibly be good.

But now I can look back and clearly see Your repeated goodness to me.  And although it seems silly to ask, I wonder how I could ever repay You?

I know what I can do! I can thank You again and again!  I can continue to pray so that You can answer my prayers and put Your goodness and love for me on display for everyone to see. And then I will have the opportunity to thank You yet again. 

I trust You to work on my behalf in the future so that I can see Your goodness and praise You again.  I will tell others of Your goodness so that they too can see what You’ve done and can believe that You will do the same for them.

Death is not something to be feared! Because all of Your children are precious to You, You welcome us to eternity when death arrives

You have given me true freedom to serve You forever.  Thank you for the godly heritage I have been given in parents and grandparents and great grandparents who loved and served You.  May I give my own children this same invaluable inheritance that was given to me.

Thank you, Lord.  I have committed my life to you, and I want all my days to be a sacrifice of thanksgiving to You. I will do what I’ve promised to do in fellowship with other believers and in Your church.  Hallelujah!

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