1 Samuel 3-5; Psalm 23; Acts 6

1 Samuel 3-5 There is so much to learn from these three chapters which time will not permit us to cover them all. Here we see the beginning of Samuel ministry and how he learns under Eli’s mentorship. God calls out to Samuel and reveals certain plans about the future and how judgement is going to fall on Eli and his family. “For I told him that I would judge his family forever because of the sin he knew about; HIS SONS BLASPHEMED GOD, and HE FAILED TO RESTRAIN THEM.-1 Samuel 3:13 (NIV) In bold is the reason judgement was coming on Eli and His children. The lesson to learn here is God expects us to bring up your children in the ways of the Lord and this may require sharp rebuke in love when they do wrong.

The LORD was WITH SAMUEL as he grew up, and he let NONE of SAMUEL’S WORDS FALL TO THE GROUND.- 1 Samuel 3:19 NIV -.I learn here that when God is with you, He will honour your word because He knows you are in sync and in tune with Him like Samuel was here

The Lord continued to appear at Shiloh, and there he REVEALED HIMSELF to Samuel THROUGH HIS WORD.-1 Samuel 3:21 NIV – here I learn once again that when we read God’s word regularly He reveals His true nature to us..we begin to learn from His word His mindset and how He acts and thinks

Psalm 23 The Lord is my shepherd therefore I shall not want for direction neither shall I lack nothing because He will show and reveal to me His abundance as He leads me besides the quiet waters which symbolizes peace

He has promised in Psalms 23:4 that in the darkest Valley He will be there with me so I need not be afraid

In Psalm 23:5 God will display His divine abundance in my life even when the devil and his cohorts are onlookers and in verse 6 I have assurance that God’s goodness and love will be consistently evident in all areas of my life as I dwell in His house forever

Acts6 In this book I learn how important ministry to people’s physical needs back then was so important as part of the work of the church like it is today with Foodbanks spread all over the world today in my church and thousands of other churches!!.

We can see that choosing people involved in serving the people’s physical needs had to be done through prayer and seeking God’s face. So we see the likes of Stephen and others being chosen to do this great work. This is an example to leaders of churches today to always prayerfully seek God’s face when appointing people to look after various arms of ministry and also that meeting people’s physical needs is also part of what The Lord expects from us like Jesus did with feeding the five thousand.

In Christ BM

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