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1 Samuel 9-10; Acts 8

A Tale of Two Sauls!

Today’s reading gives us glimpses into the lives of two Sauls. The first king of Israel was Saul from the tribe of Benjamin. The second Saul was a pharisee of pharisees. And as a result of the second Saul’s efforts the church was persecuted and scattered. Saul approved of the stoning of Stephen and the resulting actions were Saul’s dragging Christians from their homes and putting them in prison. And yet wonderful things happened as a result…

First, Philip ended up in Samaria and there was doing a great work with many people coming to Jesus. Second, Philip was spirited away to the desert where he met the Ethiopian Eunuch. He was reading from the prophet Isaiah. And through a conversation he was led to a saving knowledge of Jesus and baptized along the way. Church historians believe this eunuch took Christianity to Ethiopia and this began the church in the country that lasts till today. An act that has changed the lives of millions.

Although not in the readings in 1 Samuel this morning, but the first Saul starts out humble and pliable, but ends up a HUGE disappointment to God. Later in Acts, the second Saul becomes a Christ follower and changes the then known world for Jesus.

Whatever we do in the kingdom there will always be ripple affects. That was true even in evil intent. Many came to Jesus and were saved and are being saved today.

How bout you? What ripples are you making in the kingdom of God today? Even the smallest pebble thrown in a pond makes ripples. What will be your legacy? Hopefully for all of us it will be ripples that move through time bringing many to the Savior.


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