1 Samuel 23-24; 1 Chronicles 6; Psalm 54; Acts 16

1 Samuel 23-24(NKJV) I see here a man who truly loves and depends on The Lord for his every move…David never did anything without asking God’s opinion even when the situation seemed pretty straightforward. He never judged by the seeing of his natural eyes or by the hearing of his natural ears and as a result he averted danger and also prevented bloodshed. That is the secret to our success today as Children of God. Do we rush into things or do we ask The Holy Spirit our personal Helper and Teacher to help and teach us what to do always?

1 Chronicles 6 (NKJV) In a nutshell we see God staying true to His promise to the children of Israel. A long list of the land that he promised to give every tribe is listed here. If you have ever had any doubts in God’s faithfulness let this verse encourage you. Faithful is God who has promised us in His word and He will do it and bring it to past

Psalm 54(NKJV) This scripture was probably David’s prayer when Saul sought to take his life. Verse 1 reminds me of the scripture “the name of the Lord is a strong Tower the righteous run into it and are saved. The question we all need to answer is where do we turn to when trouble is all around us? Do we run to God.or to man? David always turned to God and He was never let down…I learn here that I must have the same mindset and do the same thing too!!

Acts 16(NKJV) Once again here we see the Holy Spirit at work leading and directing the Apostles and giving them specific instructions. We can also see a good example of how we should react when trials and tribulations come our way….we need to give God thanks like Paul and Silas did even when in chains believing that because God is the Almighty He can remove hindrances and bring a solution

In Christ BM

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