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2 Samuel 9-10; 1 Chronicles 18-19; Psalm 89; Acts 26

2 Samuel 9-10 David showed in these verses a demonstration of kindness to Mepheboseth (Saul’s grandson) and restored all Saul’s land to him & gave him the privilege to eat at his table for the rest of his life and to David it didn’t matter that Mepheboseth was crippled because David was full of compassion for him and knowing the bond he had had with his father Jonathan. These are the types of actions that earned David the intimacy with God making him refer to him as “a man after my heart” . This also gives up to me and should give hope to all that even in situations where it is obvious you are at a disadvantage and it appears you have been forgotten when God decides to remember you, favour will find you wherever you are like it David found Mepheboseth in Jesus name

1 Chronicles 18-19 David knew the source of his victory, he depended on God for direction and as a habit would ask God’s opinion before going into battle and the bible says in these chapters and the ones above that God gave David victory wherever he went. So it is of no surprise he made a habit of dedicating the “spoils” of war to God and God did give him more and more victory. These chapters list David’s victories God gave him in battle..a lesson for us too that if we seek God’s leading and depend on Him always we are sure to have constant victory like David and if we honour God like David did then we move to a place of trust in the eyes of God and victory would not be alien to us.

Psalm 89; David glorifies and praises God, thanking him for His promises & kindness, his protection. At the later end of this psalm though it seems something went wrong and God was angry with David letting him fall into shame and embarrassment…David then reminds God of His earlier promises and appeals to Him to rescue him, this is the type of bond David had with God that gave him the boldness to appeal to God and remind him of His promises..may we also walk in the reality of such intimacy with God

Acts 26 Paul defends himself before Agrippa and Festus. Challenging the Jews using the scriptures. What came to mind here is unlike Jesus who never defended himself Paul did. This means there in some circumstances God will and does expect you to defend yourself while in others He expects you to be silent like Jesus. It takes the Holy Spirit to give us discernment to know which is appropriate for each situation we may find ourselves

In Christ BM

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