1Kings3; 2Chronicles1; Psalm42; Romans 8

1 Kings 3;
We see in David a father who set a good example for his son Solomon in the way he served and worshipped God. The bible in this chapter said Solomon loved the Lord by walking in the statues of his father David. Solomon demonstrates this by going to offer a great sacrifice to God at Gibeon. God rewards his faithfulness by promising him anything he ask for. Solomon ask for the wisest thing from God, “wisdom to rule His people” and God tops that by giving him even more than he asks for “wealth and splendour”
I learn from this that if I put God’s will first He will reward me by adding all other things (including wealth) to me

2 Chronicles 1;
Here the scriptures confirms that because God was with Solomon, He made him great.
This scripture not only repeats the story in 1Kings3 but also goes on to record the beginning of Solomon’s splendour and wealth, a fulfillment of God’s promise to him. I learn from here that if you walk with God He will exalt you for His name sake and also that God stays true to His promises, if He said He will do it, He certainly will!!

Psalm 42;
Here I learn the importance of God in my life as my true and only source…the psalmist at various times thirst for the living God, His souls hopes for God to uplift and encourage him when his soul is downcast. I learn once again God is the source of true happiness so my soul pants for God like a deer for water!!

Romans 8
I learn here the importance of walking in the spirit as a Christian as the only way to live above sin and fulfilling the lust of the flesh.
I also learn the importance of The Holy Spirit our personal Helper in making intercession for us with words that can’t be uttered and also God’s grand plan in causing all things to work together for our good

In Christ


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