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1 Kings 6; 2 Chronicles 3; 1 Timothy 1

1 Kings 6: 1 (MEV): In the four hundred and eightieth year after the children of Israel came out of the land of Egypt, in the fourth year of Solomon’s reign over Israel, in the month Ziv (which is the second month), he began to build the house of the Lord.

Before he died, David told Solomon to do two things—take care of those who betrayed him and build a house for God. Solomon had the men killed right away, yet he didn’t start to build the house of the Lord for four years?

How am I like this? What do I do to satisfy the flesh before I do what God asks me to do? They say you see and are critical of things in other people that are most similar to how you are and how you treat others. The bible says to take the plank out of your own eye before you try to take the toothpick from someone else’s eye. I need to give God his proper priority in my life. He doesn’t deserve anything less. I believe God gives us these examples to help us along our life’s journey.

1 Kings 6: 11-13: Now the word of the Lord came to Solomon, saying,” Concerning this house which you are building, if you will walk in My statutes and execute My judgements and keep all My commandments and walk in them, then I will carry out My word with you, which I spoke to David your father, and I will dwell among the people of Israel and will not forsake My people, Israel.”

God felt the need to remind Solomon of the importance of doing things His way. If you do___, then I will do __. I remember what He told Solomon. “If you keep my statutes, I will give you peace on all your borders for all your days.” This is just what we pray for Israel today—Peace!! Will that be enough incentive for Solomon? That is yet to be determined.

But what if God said to me, “If you do__, then I will do__ .” Would that be enough for me? We know for sure that God keeps His promises, but do I keep mine? Thank goodness God gives me do overs and forgives unlimitedly. It doesn’t mean there won’t be consequences for me, it just means that God knows that I am “but dust” and is patient with me. God sees my heart, and He knows if I am moving towards Him, or away from Him. He knows the difference between straying or an occasional mishap. That is the grace and mercy of God. The ways of God are a mystery to me, but I am so thankful for grace and mercy.

1 Kings 6: 37-38 (MEV): In the fourth year, in the month Ziv, the foundation of the house of the Lord was laid, and in the eleventh year, in the month of Bul (which is the eighth month), the house was completely finished. All the details and plans were met. So, he took seven years to build it.

God’s many details in the temple were amazing to me, and I am sure the end result was breathtaking, but 7 years?

7 is the number of completion– coincidence? I think not!

1 Timothy 1:

Like God reminded Solomon, Paul likewise reminded Timothy what was truly important:

V3: …Teach no other doctrine…

V5:…love from a pure heart, and from a good conscience and from sincere faith.

V18: …..fight a good fight, keeping faith and a good conscience……

Paul said good conscience twice. Have you ever had a guilty conscience? I sure have. I am miserable until I do the thing I need to do to make it right again. God gave us a conscience to direct us and show us where we messed up. A good conscience is a good and important thing for me to have. It is truly a blessing.

Paul came from a background contrary to Christianity. He even killed to defend his beliefs. But Paul was wrong in his beliefs. God showed Paul mercy. The grace of God overflowed into Paul’s life so much and he never stopped being thankful for God’s forgiveness and grace. He could never stop talking about all God had done for him. Christ, whom Paul persecuted, had patience with Paul and loved him into the faith. Christ will do that for anyone, not just Paul. And He did it with such great patience so that we could learn the lesson from Him, and treat others with the same patience that Jesus showed Paul. If we loved others the way Jesus loved us, wouldn’t the world be so much better?

Paul reminded Timothy that he was the worst of the worst. He told his testimony to show the love of God that is available to anyone, even if they think, like Paul, that they are the worst. Don’t be afraid to share your testimony. You never know whose life you are going to touch! God uses your past, to teach others, so that perhaps they won’t need to travel down the same road. Nothing is wasted in God’s kingdom journey.

Dear Heavenly Father, Thank you for your patience. Thank you for your love. Help me to keep your ways by keeping a pure heart, a clear conscience and a strong faith in You! But most of all help me to love others, share my testimony, even though I think it is nothing, it may be just what someone needs to hear. Help me to follow the Holy Spirits promptings, even when I am afraid to do so. God, I want to honor you with my life. Help my faith, help my heart, and help my life bring you the praise and glory that you alone deserve. I pray this in Jesus’ name, Amen!!

Carol (carolvorwe)


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