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Hosea 11-13;Matthew 19

HOSEA 11-13
It is so sad to read in this scripture how God laments about the unfaithfulness of Israel despite all He had done for them. God here keeps making reference to what He had done in the past to rescue them from disaster just in case they had forgotten!!. This same nation He had chosen as a template to showcase His glory and favour to the rest of the world turned their back on Him despite all He had done for them. They started worshipping other gods & idols and committed sin continously on God’s altar. They also became arrogant and proud too, forgetting that it was The Lord who took them out of slavery and established them in wealth.

Let’s pause here before we start throwing stones at the Israelites. Don’t we do the same thing today? Aren’t we guilty of the exact sin too? Don’t we cry to God when we are in trouble and when He rescues us don’t we suddenly become “too busy” to go to church or to serve Him? Don’t we prefer to go to parties than being excited about going to the house of God? Don’t we worship the “modern day idols” like money, cars, our careers, business, our hobbies, our houses and more. These things in themselves are not bad but when your business,  your career, your hobbies, your car or your house takes God’s place or you spend more time on them than the things of God, I’m sorry to say to you they have become your idols.

So let us learn from the mistake of Israel and not go down the same route…let us stay Intune and connected to God, let us appreciate Him and let us not forget our humble beginnings or what God has done for us and become puffed up with pride for God resist the proud but gives grace to the humble.

In this scripture Jesus once again is challenged by the Pharisees with ulterior motives.

Jesus with wisdom responds to them by explaining the spirit of the law and God’s  intentions and the exception for divorce as opposed to willy-nilly divorcing ones spouse. He also talks about how remaining single is a gift if one is graced for it.

He also talks to them on how the simplicity of children and their qualities are a good template for anyone who wants the kingdom of God

Jesus goes on to talk about riches and how with God it is possible to serve God and please Him even if one has great wealth.

He rounds His teaching up by highlighting the great sacrifices that may be necessary to serve Him and the eternal reward it attracts.

In Him


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