Psalm 80; 2 Peter 2

Psalm 80;

This is a psalm that appears to spell regret from the children of Israel. They had sinned against God time and time again and broken God’s edge of protection over them. We see their appeal to God in Psalm 80:3(NIV) “Restore us, O God; make your face shine on us, that we may be saved.”
In Psalm 80:4-6 one can almost touch the agony in their lamentations of God’s punishment and how much Israel had become an embarrassment amongst its neighbours because of God’s affliction on them.

Psalm 80:8-11 describes how God had distinguished Israel and made them the envy of its neighbours after rescuing them from Egypt. The remaining verses up until verse 16 continues to describe God’s punishment and abandonment of Israel.

In the last few verses we see Israel appealing to God to save them as they had learnt their lesson now.

What we can learn from this is if we wonder off from obeying God we only leave ourselves open for the enemy to plunder us because by disobeying God we stray away from His protective arms


From the beginning of this chapter I believe we are being enlighten & warned here that false prophets and blasphemers have always been from time immemorial so there is nothing new there but we need to be aware that they are setup for God’s judgement.

The scripture then continues by assuring us that God like he rescued Noah & his family from the mist of depravity and Lot and his family also from the evil of Sodom & Gomorrah, God will do the same today to protect the righteous from the evil, sin and temptation around them.

There is also a word of caution to us Christians not to be like “a dog going back to its vomit” by living to satisfy the desires of the flesh for the judgment of God will definitely come upon us like it did to Sodom and Gomorrah . The scriptures here describes how devastating backsliding can be by saying “It would have been better for them not to have known the way of righteousness, than to have known it and then to turn their backs on the sacred command that was passed on to them.” 2 Peter 2:21 (NIV)

Let us be very careful to take this word seriously as we can see from the example of the children of Israel the consequences of turning away from God to serve other idols could be eternally devastating.

In Him


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