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Psalm 91;John 19

*Psalm 91;

This is one of my favourite scriptures in the Bible because it brings assurance from our Father of His protection over us always and a demonstration of His love for us.

In Ps91:1-2(AMPC) we see how safety for every child of God is in dwelling in God’s presence, staying close to Him for He is our refuge and our protective fortress who we can “lean and rely” on and “confidently trust”

In verse 3 God promises to rescue us from traps and contagious diseases. So if you were looking for a scripture to use when praying for God’s protection against Covid19 here it is.

God’s will, which is an active will, is to cover you like a chicken covers its chics under its wings but as it says in verse 4 we must trust in God’s capability to protect us.

We must take our eyes and ears off calamity and destruction going on around us and not be grabbed by fear because of these happenings…why? Simply because we are under God’s protection and this is the assurance verses 5-7 gives us.

Once again God emphasise through verses 9-12 the importance of making Him our refuge for protection against calamity and diseases because His ministering angels have been assigned to protect us.

There is a condition for this safety and it is clearly stated in verse 14 and this condition is loving The Lord and knowing His name. Loving God and knowing His name means we desire God, we put Him first and we study His word so that we get to know Him more, we get to know His personality and capabilities.

What a beautiful way to end this scripture with a firm assurance from God in verses 14-16 that He will never forsake us, He will deliver us from trouble and He will satisfy with long live and constant salvation from disaster!! Glory Hallelujah!!

*John 19

I have always been mesmerised by Jesus and the way He handle His trial by Pilate.

Despite all accusations Jesus remained focused and refused to say or do anything that would prevent Him from going to the Cross to die for our sins.

He had to focus on the bigger picture and also draw grace from His father to avoid being distracted by the false accusations railed against Him and the sorrow He must have felt seeing His mum, brothers and the disciples weeping and in pain. If He hadn’t maintained His focus on the bigger picture of salvation for mankind He would have aborted His mission to the cross.

We also see in verses 38-42 how Joseph of Arimathea and Nicodamous risked their lives by going to ask for Jesus’s body and anioting it with spices before laying it in a tomb. This act of bravery sometimes gets overlooked when reading these verses but must be noted as they were also in fulfillment of scripture and a demonstration of these influential men’s love for Jesus. It makes me ponder on how I should use my place of influence or any advantage I have to showcase my Lord and saviour as a demonstration of my love for Jesus

In Christ



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