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Job 1-3;Psalm 29

*Job 1-3(Amplified version)

The story of Job in the Bible and the trails he went through are a confirmation that sometimes “good people” or should I say “righteous people” who serve the Lord do experience loss, devastation for no fault of theirs.

We see a conversation between God & Satan about Job’s faithfulness and how Satan believed Job was guiltless because of God’s blessings and protection over him. This scripture does confirm that God indeed does protection and bless in abundance those who faithfully serve Him and live righteously before Him that includes those who walk in the gift of God’s righteousness through Christ.

God was so confident in Job’s faithfulness that he agreed to take His protective hedge off Job as suggested by Satan and of cause Satan went to work at attacking Job. God was right!!

Job’s next reaction didn’t come as a shock to God but I must admit it is a clear indication that Job (who knew nothing about God and Satan’s conversation) really did serve God faithfully and trusted Him. So Job said in “The Lord gave and the Lord has taken away blessed be the name of the Lord”

We learn here from Job’s reaction here that even when we lack understanding of why we are going through rough times and even when it doesn’t make sense we should still trust in the Lord like Job here who’s reaction was that He would praise God still even if God took away His blessings

We see in Job 2 another account of God’s conversation with Job and here what strikes me is that God boasts about Job confidently and without a doubt. God boasts in Job2:3(Amp) that Job was “blamless and upright” and “one who fears God with reverence and abstains from and turns away from evil because he honours God” Can God boast about us like this too? If not we need to examine our lives and align it with God’s word

In Job 3 we need to give credit to Job’s friends in that they came to comfort him and initially did get things right by not saying anything but just keeping him company and sometimes that is all we need to do when we comfort or encourage people

*Psalm 29(Amplified version)

This Psalm like most other Psalm is awesome in that it highlights the majesty, splendour and what I would call “the Almightiness” of our God.

It starts off by ascribing the glory, worship and splendour due to our God and the beauty that shines forth from His holiness

Verses 3-10 go on to describe the shear strength, power and sovereignty that belongs to our God that just through His voice He is able to make the most unimaginable happen..for example God’s voice in verse 8 “shakes the wilderness” and in verse 7 God’s voice “rakes flames of fire(lightning)”

Let this scripture give you assurance that you serve a mighty God who can do all things and there is nothing we go through that He doesn’t have the strength and ability to sustain and uphold us to overcome in Jesus name

In Christ



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