Gen 30:1-31:42

What comes from demanding?

Photo by Mandy Baldwin

I would have to ask my parents what I was like as a child, as an adult, however, I find myself demanding a lot. At least in my head. I demand my friends react the way I expect. I demand God answer my prayers in the way I want. I don’t demand out loud…can you imagine?!?! I would probably have very few friends and family that would still be talking to me.

I think of how Rachel and Leah treated each other, Jacob, God and their children. This is an example of Descriptive Biblical writing not Prescriptive. God is sharing this story to tell us what happened, not how we should behave in marriage, in relationship with others or in relationship with Him.

There is one point in our reading that grabbed my heart.

“Then God remembered Rachel; he listened to her and enabled her to conceive.”

Genesis‬ ‭30:22‬ ‭NIV‬‬

We read about such demanding, deceiving, jealous and hurtful behavior…and…God remembered. In the midst of the sin…God remembered…in the midst of the fear of what could be…God remembered. When one bad choice and decision was made after another…God remembered.

My friends…God remembers you. My guess is most of us have not demanded and plotted and deceived as Leah and Rachel did. Regardless…we all have things that we fear will cause God to forget us. Impossible!! He loves you, He remembers you. He is with you.

Dear God, I need to be remembered by you. I need to know that my sin and hurt will not keep you from me. I ask for your forgiveness and desire your nearness and compassion. Remember me…remember us, Lord! Amen.



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  1. I love those phrases in Scripture… God remembered, but God, now God. They bring promise & hope.
    Thank you Mandy,

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