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Gen 35:1- Gen 37:24

This scriptures unfolds part of the interesting journey in the lives of Jacob and Esau and how God’s ordained plans came to fruition.

God starts in Chapter 35 instructing Jacob to go back to Bethel where He had revealed himself in a dream to him and reminded him of his plans to fulfill the covenant He had made with Abraham.

If we read the preceding Chapters this appears to be the second time God appears to Jacob when he found himself in a difficult situation. The lesson I see here is just because a person is going through rough times doesn’t mean God has abandoned them. Regardless of what we go through God stands faithful to His word

When Jacob obeys God’s instructions to return to Bethel God rewards him by changing his name to Israel and reconfirming the covenant He had with Abraham and Isaac his father. We learn here that our obedience to God’s words always results in a fulfillment of our God ordained destiny.

Yet again after God spoke and confirmed His covenant with Israel, more rough times and unpleasant events came his way. Rachel died, his son Rueben slept with Bilhah one of his concubines and his father Isaac dies.

Then in Chapter 36 we move on to Esau’s genealogy and how he was the forefather of the Edomites a people who later refused to help the Israelites when they were in need of help.

In Chapter 37 Joseph’s story begins. A young man who was given a dream but shared it with his brothers repeatedly even though they hated him. God’s plan however would still be fulfilled as Joseph was rescued from his brother’s plans to kill him. A vital lesson here is be careful who we share our dreams with as they may hate us and try to kill those dreams or harm us.

Father help us to always obey you and seek you first for we know that you watch over every word you have spoken to us to perform it. Also help us Lord to remember your promises to us even when we go through rough times and dark periods of our lives in Jesus name!! Amen!!!

In Christ



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