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Exodus 38:1 – 40:16

In the passage today, Israel is coming together to build all the items God commanded Moses to make for the tabernacle. Each piece was crafted exactly to God’s specifications.  I am sure that God had a job for every one who wanted to participate.  It required a lot of various skills which God instilled in each individual.   Each man had his skill and each man used it to God’s glory and specifications.  It also could be that the person contributed money needed to purchase the materials.  Not one contribution is greater than another in God’s eyes if they are done to His glory.   It is like that today as well.  God gives me special gifts, and He give you another.  When we use them in conjunction with one another to bring God glory, then something beautiful comes out of it. That is exactly what is taking place here.  All the various pieces of the temple are being assembled together to make a tabernacle where God was pleased to reside.

They presented The Dwelling to Moses, the Tent and all its furnishings:

Fastening hooks, frames, crossbars, posts, bases, tenting of tanned ram skins, tenting of dolphin skins Veil of the screen,

Chest of the Testimony with its poles and atonement cover

Table with its utensils and the Bread of the Presence

Lampstand of pure gold and its lamps all fitted out and all its utensils and the oil for the light

Gold Altar

Anointing oil, fragrant incense

Screen for the entrance to the Tent

Bronze Altar with its bronze grate, its poles and all its utensils

Washbasin and its base

Hangings for the Courtyard, its posts and bases

Screen for the gate of the Courtyard, its cords and its pegs

Utensils for ministry in the Dwelling, The Tent of Meeting

Woven vestments for ministering in the Sanctuary

Sacred vestments for Aaron the priest, and his sons when serving as priests.

The Israelites completed all the work, just as God had commanded. Moses saw that they had done all the work and done it exactly as God had commanded.  Moses blessed them.  (Exodus 29:33-43 The Message)

Isn’t it nice when we work long and hard on a project that our efforts are noticed and even rewarded? It so encourages us to work just as hard on the next project.  I think it makes all the difference in the world for the morale of the people, and it gives the people confidence in themselves and the desire to continue putting forth the extra effort on everything asked of them to do.  Moses was being a good leader, in my opinion, and he was also a good servant to God. 

Everything was then consecrated and made Holy before God. 

God, how beautiful heaven must be! This is only a glimpse of your creativity, your beauty and your splendor.  It is amazing that you let us participate on tasks here on earth that are used to bring people to You in worship and praise, to honor You for all You do in our lives and the lives of those we love.  It is so wonderful when we can sense your pleasure with us, and bask in your warmth as we walk this path here on earth.  Thank you for all that You are, and for all that You do for us each and every day.  In Jesus’ name I pray, Amen!

Carol (carolvorwe)


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