Numbers 5:23-7:59 

At my most sincere and earnest desire to be all that God wanted me to be, I never thought of the Nazirite vow as something to pursue. I think following Jesus was enough and I did not need a physical representation of that.

God spoke to Moses: “Speak to the People of Israel; tell them, If any of you, man or woman, wants to make a special Nazirite vow, consecrating yourself totally to God, you must not drink any wine or beer, no intoxicating drink of any kind, not even the juice of grapes—in fact, you must not even eat grapes or raisins. For the duration of the consecration, nothing from the grapevine—not even the seeds, not even the skin—may be eaten. – Numbers 6:1-4 MSG

What I do understand is this – a vow to this end was a dedication to be as near to God as possible with a view to His honour and glory. It was an expression of gratitude for mercies received and for the strengthening of faith and love, and all the graces and virtues one receives for following Him.

This was serious business for not honouring a vow, failing to honour that vow before God, was a sin.

That sin would not just be guilt, but also shame – as expressed in turning away from the face of God.

So what path do I take – looking for an expression that will honour those who follow Jesus – in other words, letting them see the face of God?

God spoke to Moses: “Tell Aaron and his sons, This is how you are to bless the People of Israel. Say to them,

God bless you and keep you,
God smile on you and gift you,
God look you full in the face
    and make you prosper.

In so doing, they will place my name on the People of Israel—

I will confirm it by blessing them.” – Numbers 6:22-27 MSG

This is commonly known as the “Aaronic Blessing.” The name of God represents the honour of God. What a blessing! God’s honour attached to His people!

Here is what I am reading – I can be God’s agent of His blessings – almost like a mediator of God’s “face” to other people and families. I also read that this blessing is for those who see themselves as being part of the family of God.

What if I took on a new mission – praying the Aaronic Blessing for families and people who may not be followers of Jesus? I want to be surprised on how open they will be to being prayed for and to receive this blessing. In my mind, I see my Muslim community changed by God’s love.

Father, I trust You completely to changing my heart and the heart of those I share Your blessings with. May Your Word not return void, but rather continue to change hearts and lives as it always has. Thank You.

Erwin (evanlaar1922)



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2 responses to “ Numbers 5:23-7:59 

  1. Beautiful. Also, I’m enjoying your quotes from MSG.

  2. Thank you – I was not too sure how the MSG would work for me this year and I must say that I am pleasantly surprised.

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