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Numbers 24:1-26:34

I need to confess that when I look back on my life, I can see the moments where financial success was thwarted where I chose to honour God instead. I sometimes, in my darkest moments, feel the pain of being poorer than I really should be. When I read stories where the temptation to pursue wealth over obedience to God, I understand what was happening. It is no different than what Balaam was going through – and he really did not even know who God was before his story started. This is where the conflict started – Numbers 24:1-11.

Can you imagine someone telling you that you were going to be great, rich, honoured with rewards of unrighteousness – you were going to be promoted?

What makes this story special is that Balaam, being introduced to God by God showing up and revealing Himself, saw something different. He saw a strength that was not in power or wealth but in worship. They worshipped one God and God honoured them and held them in His hand as His people.

How many times have I missed the fact that God has already spoken for me, on my behalf. I remember vividly the two times He chose to reveal to me how He spoke to someone about me. I wish I could share those times with you but it would take too much space. I am sure that He has done it many more times and I was unaware.

God showed Balaam that these people, in front of him, would have honour and that they would advance to a place of more greatness and would make a far better figure in history than Balak and his people could ever be.

I believe the stories of the wonders of their deliverance out of Egypt contributed to their honour as well as to the terror of their enemies.

Let’s face it, Satan had a lot of material to work with as these people were notoriously faithless and dishonoured God often and grievously. I can feel God’s hand loving them and looking out for them regardless. There would be consequences but those would come from His hand and not from anothers.

The story ends with Balak telling Balaam that he can go now – taunting him with the honour and wealth he could have had. He states that God kept all of this from him. Balaam is now my hero for realizing that he was not missing out -there was far more at stake here and he made the right decision.

Father, thank you for Your Holy Spirit who helps me navigate a world that seeks wealth, recognition and honour from people who do not follow You. While I may struggle with certain things that others have, I have You. You are far more valuable and You make me far more wealthier than any person in this world ever could. You have given me eternal life with You. Thank You.

Erwin (evanlaar1922)


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