Joshua 8:24-11:9

In Joshua 8 we see Ai’s defeat by the Israelites as they followed God’s instructions to precision

Somehow in Joshua 9 the Israelites made a grave mistake by not asking God for His counsel before making a decision about whether or not they should proceed ino battle!!

The lesson for us to learn here is to never rush into making decisions without speaking to God first. God is the alfa and omega and He knows the beginning from the end which is why we need to seek His face first before making decisions. The Lord knows the heart of men and has promised us that He would lead us in the way we should go and He will direct our path. The Gibeonites decieved the Israelites because the Israelites were over confident and judged by “the seeing of their eyes”. Let us not make the same mistake.

Another lesson to learn here is that the Israelites showed great integrity by honouring their covenant with the Gibeonites despite the fact they had been deceived. How many of us in a similar situation would do the same?

In Joshua 10 we see the extent God would go by breaking the law of nature to ensure victory for His children, the Israelites. The Bible says Joshua prayed to God for the son and moon to stand still until they had victory in battle and God answered His prayers. Let us learn from this experience that, God will go to any extreme for us to ensure we have victory in battle so let us seek Him in prayer always and as we pray to Him let us believe that He is a God who answers prayers.

In Christ



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