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1 Samuel 23:1-25:31 

David: “O Lord, tell your servant.”  (I Samuel 23:11 NIV)
Saul: “Find out where David usually goes. Find out about all the hiding places he uses and come back to me with information.” (I Samuel 23: 22, 23 NIV)

Throughout these chapters about Saul and David, there is an obvious difference between their sources of trust. David’s first reaction was to turn to God for wisdom. Saul depended on man.

I am so like Saul. I want the human response. I trust what I can see, touch, hear. Why don’t I go to God first? Why wouldn’t I want the advice from the One with all the answers? David asked and God provided. I wonder if this one of the reason David is referred to “man after God’s own heart.” He would know God’s heart because he constantly depended on it.

God, You are my source. You know what’s better for me than any man ever could. I want to learn to turn to You first. I want it to be my default reaction. Remind me to depend on You.  Amen.

Jody (simply spoken)

From the archives. Originally published April 8, 2009.


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