1 Samuel 30:11 – 2 Samuel 2

“21Then David returned to the brook Besor and met up with the 200 men who had been left behind because they were too exhausted to go with him. They went out to meet David and his men, and David greeted them joyfully. 22But some evil troublemakers among David’s men said, “They didn’t go with us, so they can’t have any of the plunder we recovered. Give them their wives and children, and tell them to be gone.”

23But David said, “No, my brothers! Don’t be selfish with what the Lord has given us. He has kept us safe and helped us defeat the band of raiders that attacked us. 24Who will listen when you talk like this? We share and share alike—those who go to battle and those who guard the equipment.” 25From then on David made this a decree and regulation for Israel, and it is still followed today.”

1 Samuel 30:21-25, NLT

Sometimes, we want to be the ones out in battle, whether physically or spiritually. We want to be like David and his mighty men, conquering things for and with our God. However, sometimes, it is our job to stay back, out of the actual “fight.”

In this case, it was men that were too exhausted for the fight, so they stayed behind and guarded some equipment. David gave them the same honor that he bestowed on his other men who had been in battle with him. Despite some evil men who had fought not wanting to reward these 200 men who had stayed behind, David knew it took ALL of them to win the battle and to have a successful unit.

Being an avid sports fan, I have seen some teams (not a ton mind you) that have praised the men and women who were bench warmers, on the practice squad, the equipment managers, and/or all of the ones behind the scenes who never hit a home rum, made a 3 pointer, scored a touchdown, or scored a goal. Yet, these are people that help make a team go and keep things together.

Maybe you are one of those in the background at work, in your family, or in a ministry who isn’t necessarily out on the front lines where you can be seen, but make no mistake, your role IS vital to the mission. I have had forward facing roles in business for years, and there was always support staff who made my life easier and let me focus on the task at hand. I always have tried to recognize those people and tell them that they were appreciated.

I am the leader of our household, but there is ZERO doubt in my mind that my wife Kristina is the glue to our family, even thought I am the sole financial provider for our family. I think sometimes she gets discouraged and I remind her that her role in being the glue to our household and the influence she has had over our boys is way more important than the roles I have played.

I have had front line ministry roles and have been in the background at churches we have belonged to. I realized that all of the roles were important in God’s mission in that church. I have been on sports teams where I was the “star” to some degree. Yet, it took all of us to win games.

I have tried, although I am sure I have missed in this area too, to praise those people in the background. I encourage you to do so as well if you are in a role out on the “front lines.” You will be amazed by how much impact it has. I am sure David’s words and actions had incredible impact on those 200 men.

Here is the reality, there isn’t always a David to hold back the people who mistreat you and think you are undeserving just because you are operating in the background. However, there is One who notices all and don’t forget that. You are honoring Him. So don’t be discouraged. He notices and is preparing a reward for you.

Lord, we don’t always play a “front and center” role. Sometimes, you have called us to work in the background. Some of us, you have just given us a personality to stay behind, stay out of the spotlight. Let us not lose heart when imperfect people don’t recognize what we do. Help us understand that You see and appreciate us. Amen.



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  1. A healthy word – thank you!

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