2 Samuel 17-19

This scripture is a sad story of how the greed and unhealthy ambition of Absolom to become King cost him his life and caused David a lot of pain and heart ache.

We see how Absolom devised a cunning plan to win the Israelites over to himself in a very subtle way and how he even seeked the opinion of some of David’s trusted advisers like Ahithophel and Hushai.

However when God’s children walk in righteousness before Him, He brings confusion in the camp of the enemy so we see Absolom rejecting Ahithophel’s sound counsel (in 2Samuel 17:14) because God was working behind the scenes actually fighting for David.

We can also see how pride can cost a person their life..so Ahithophel committed suicide because Absolom rejected his counsel what Ahithophel did not know was that it was all part of God’s intervention and plan and he should not have committed suicide.

What I also find remarkable in these scripture is that despite the majority of Israel backing Absolom in his revolt against David because it was contrary to God’s plans and because David was a man after God’s heart, Absolom and his army suffered a terrible defeat in the end. This should give us the assurance as Children of God that “Some trust in chariots and some in horses, but we trust in the name of the Lord our God.” – Psalm 20:7(NIV)

We see David’s righteousness in that he still mourns for the same son who tried to take his life and kingdom

In Christ



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