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2 Kings 19:25-23:9

A remnant of the family of Judah yet again will sink down roots and raise up fruit.  The remnant will come from Jerusalem, the survivors from Mount Zion.  The Zeal of God will make it happen. (2 Kings 19:30-31 The Message)

It seems to me two things are true, well, several things-—God just never gives up on His people.  He always leaves a door cracked for us to return and do what is right.  His hope in us never fails! And, God loved David so much that He kept his promises that there would always be a remnant. It comforts me that if I live a good life, that is pleasing to God, that my children, or my children’s children, will be blessed because of it.  I feel that I was blessed and shielded because of my mother’s steadfast faith. And I was doubly blessed because after all my years of waste, I too found my steadfast faith.

Regarding the King of Assyria: He won’t enter the city, nor shoot so much as a single arrow there; Won’t brandish a shield, won’t even begin to set siege; He’ll go home by the same road he came; he won’t enter this city.  God’s word! I’ll shield this city.  I’ll save this city for my sake and for David’s sake.

And so it happened that that very night an angel of God came and massacred a hundred and eighty-five thousand Assyrians.  Then the people of Jerusalem got up next morning, there it was—a whole camp of corpses! (2 Kings 19: 32-35 The Message)

This shows me that God is able! He shields, protects and provides for HIS sake, not mine! God can cause His plans to happen, without one single bit of help from me.  I am His vessel, but I am not necessary to carry out His plans.  He allows me to be part of them!  And if you have ever participated in something God ordained, you will find that there is no high like the Most High!

During his life, Hezekiah followed after God, but then he became ill and the prophet told Hezekiah he was going to die.

Hezekiah prayed:

Remember, O God, who I am, what I’ve done!

I’ve lived an honest life before you,

My Heart’s been true and steady,

I’ve lived to please you: lived for your approval.

And then the tears flowed. Hezekiah wept. ( 2 Kings 20:3 The Message)

And then 5 verses later Hezekiah said:  “How do I know whether this is of God and not just the fig plaster? What confirming sign is there that God is healing me and that in three days I’ll walk into The Temple of God on my own legs?” (2 Kings 20: 8 The Message)

God sees the heart, and knows when prayers are sincere, or if the words are just trying to sweet talk Him, to get what is wanted.  He also knows when someone is acting like they are following God, but in their heart, is just following the crowd.

There is nothing that gets past God, and yet He blesses us in ways we don’t deserve.  God knew Hezekiah would question his healing, but He chose to heal him anyway. I am sure God was hurt by Hezekiah’s words, especially after God just said He would heal him, and add 15 years to his life.  It boggles my mind as to why he would question God’s goodness! And yet God gave him a sign signifying it was true. Instead of Hezekiah waiting just 3 days to see if he would walk in the temple, Hezekiah needed to know now!  I also can get so impatient with God, just like Hezekiah! I have to admit that what I see most in others, are the same things I struggle with.  I makes me sad that I cause God pain, that I stab Him in the heart with my words, disbelief, or actions. I never looked at it from His viewpoint.  O how I have grieved Him over my lifespan! But the goodness of God is so mysterious.  In spite of my actions or words, I still know He is for me, He is good, and He is faithful!!!

One final note is that people follow their leaders. God holds leaders to a higher standard.  All of us are leaders to someone.  When the kings were corrupt, the people were corrupt.  If the kings followed God, the people follow God.  If the parents lie, cheat and steal—their kids will lie, cheat and steal.  I have to learn to let Jesus be my leader, because He demonstrated The Father to me.  I have to learn to let the bible be my guide.  If I let Jesus be my leader, then those who follow and look up to me will be led straight into the arms of Jesus, and this just warms my heart.  My only prayer is for my faithfulness to be consistent and not waver.  Only through the power of the Holy Spirt can I demonstrate boldness and courage and faithfulness to God beyond me and my abilities.

God, I am so sorry for breaking your heart! You have been so good to me, and I have done nothing but want more, more, more!  Tomorrow is a brand-new day, help me to honor you and uplift you with my words and deeds.  May it be about you, and not about me! May I take you at your word and not question it. May I respond when you ask me to do something for your kingdom.  I know I won’t be perfect, but I want each day to be better than the last.  In Jesus’ name I pray, AMEN!

Carol (carolvorwe)


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