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Psalms 57:4-60:12

Okay, how do you make sense out of this passage of Scripture? Do any of us pray this way today in the 21st century? Are these only prayers for David to pray? Or how many of us have had enemies we wish we had the courage to pray against like David prayed or are we too fearful of what those consequences may be and aren’t we supposed to be loving Christians for goodness sake!?!
I do believe as we see evil in the world we can pray these kinds of prayers. The theological term for these kinds of prayers is imprecatory prayer. Imprecatory means to invoke evil upon or curse one’s enemies. WOW how often have any of us done that? When praying an imprecatory prayer where do we start? Here are some guidelines I found:
• Pray them first against Satan.
• Pray them second against your sinful nature.
• Pray them third against the world systems of corruption and oppression.
• Pray them lastly against enemies, God’s then yours.
I think this progression is good. Let’s look at our own sinful nature before we look at others. In your mind look through these four categories above and pray through them today. See if God changes your circumstances and those of others. God answers our prayers, even those that are credibly prayed against the power of evil and sin.
God bless you all.


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