Psalms 94:17-98:3

I used to work at Camp of the Woods in Speculator, NY. Gordon Purdy was the director and CEO of the camp. He would lead us in worship during chapel services. He would periodically stop us singing and ask, “What did you just sing?” Most of the time people could not say what they had just sung. Why? Because many times we put our minds in neutral when we sing and enjoy the melody, but the words just slide by.
Psalm 95:1&2 are great reminders of just the opposite. To come into God’s house making a joyful noise, but to do it with thanksgiving.
95 Oh come, let us sing to the Lord;
let us make a joyful noise to the rock of our salvation!
2 Let us come into his presence with thanksgiving;
let us make a joyful noise to him with songs of praise!
Verse 1
Let us make a joyful noise – The word used here means commonly to make a loud noise, to shout, Job 30:5. It is especially used
(a) of warlike shouts, Jos 6:16; 1 Samuel 17:20;
(b) of the shout of triumph, Judges 15:14;
(c) of the sound or clangor of a trumpet, Numbers 10:9; Joel 2:1.
It may thus be used to denote any shout of joy or praise. In public worship it would denote praise of the most animated kind.
To the Rock of our salvation – The strong ground of our confidence; the basis of our hope; our security.
Verse 2
Let us come before his presence. The word in Hebrew means literally to come before; to anticipate. It is the word which is commonly rendered “prevent.” Let us stand before his face; that is, in his very presence.
With thanksgiving – Expressing our thanks.
And make a joyful noise unto him – The same word which occurs in Psalms 95:1.
With psalms – Songs of praise.
There have been times when the words I sing are more important and personal than the sermon/teaching I hear later in the service. Our response to the music should not be oh that was a nice song, but Lord I sing this song to you with all I have. I sing this song loudly so that you know I love you and am praising you with all I have. And yes, I want to do and think the things I am singing about. I love you and want to please you with all I have.
This Sunday that’s your assignment. Sing during the music portion of the service engaging your voice and mind fully in the experience. See if that changes your worship experience and your week going forward


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