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Psalms 118:10-119:40

“Open my eyes that I may see wonderful things in Your law.” vs 18
“Your statutes are my delight; they are my counselors.” vs 20
“Let me understand the teaching of Your precepts; then I will meditate on Your wonders.”
vs 27

This infamous longest chapter of the Bible is well-known for its theme, the “law of the Lord.” The author uses beautiful prose to describe the power and necessity of scripture for daily living. 

I found myself wondering if I could honestly say some of the contents of this Psalm. “My soul is consumed with longing for Your laws at all times.” (vs 20)  Hmm…really? “Your servant will meditate on Your decrees.” (vs 23) Do I?

God used Psalm 119 in an active way in my life this week. A close friend’s father is fighting cancer. She reached out to me for support and I felt helpless and inadequate. I contacted a few close friends to pray. One of them replied with this advice: “Point her to God’s Word and pray. You have to stay in God’s Word to be ready for what she needs.” Wow. I have to stay in God’s Word so I can help her. God will speak to HER needs by revealing it to me through His Word. What a wonderful truth confirmed in Psalm 119. “Open my eyes…Your statutes are my counselors.”

God,  I have the ultimate daily resource guide sitting on my bedside table completely untapped. A letter from You to me.  It contains comfort, answers, guidance, solutions, reprimands, songs, prayers, celebrations…tools that I completely underutilize. Father, I need Your words. I want to be fueled with Your wisdom so I can help those who need You. Help me to go to Your book first so I can hear from You. Amen.

Jody (simplyspoken)

From the archives. Originally published July 15, 2009.


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