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 Isaiah 24:7-28:22 

Praise has a way of setting things right in my mind. The words coming out of my mouth during worship take over the fogginess that is in my heart or my mind. I am not sure why it works that way with me as I know it does not work with others. I am glad the Holy Spirit has this freedom to move in my life.

From the four winds and the seven seas we hear the singing:
    “All praise to the Righteous One!” But I said, “That’s all well and good for somebody,
    but all I can see is doom, doom, and more doom.” – Isaiah 24:16 MSG

I love acknowledging that God is named “Righteous One.” I sense that praise is also the manner of honour given to God. It is important because I am trying to make sure that I do not give honour or praise to myself. If I have any honour, it is found together with God’s glory. Is it not true that Jesus is the one crowned with glory and honour, He is the one who will reign? I have no righteousness except from what is given by Jesus to me. This praise comes from my soul as I walk this earth knowing that God is my protector and my avenger. I cannot think of a greater honour than to honour and glorify God.

Even so, there are those who have lost their perspective on who God is. Every generation has them. I think particularly of the comparison between Charles Templeton and Billy Graham. Their life story would both fit into this one verse. It has taught me, but for the grace of God, there go I.

Shamefaced moon will cower, humiliated,
    red-faced sun will skulk, disgraced,
Because God-of-the-Angel-Armies will take over,
    ruling from Mount Zion and Jerusalem,
Splendid and glorious
    before all his leaders. – Isaiah 24:23 MSG

What a great verse to end the chapter with. This is the image of my God that I have. There are no contradictions, there is truth. I am accountable to this God – He reigns in my life. In doing His work He is looking out for me, for my honour and my welfare, based on the promises He has given. The splendor and the glory of God will be a day when He will receive all of the praise and honour due to Him. He alone will be before my eyes as I worship.

Father, may my worship of You never fail. May I find myself blessing Your name throughout the day. May the Holy Spirit keep drawing me to You even as I may take a step or two back. Thank You.

Erwin (evanlaar1922)


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