Ezekiel 3-8

Then when they are exiled among the nations, they will remember me. They will recognize how grieved I am by their unfaithful hearts and lustful eyes that long for other gods. Then at last they will hate themselves for all their wickedness. They will know that  I alone am the Lord and that I was serious when I predicted that all this would happen to them. Ezekiel 6:9-10 NLT

597 BC            Israel Won’t Own Up / God Goes Nonlinear

God told Israel what He expected. They refused to acknowledge him or their sin. He sent Jeremiah and Ezekiel to warn them of His coming wrath. Israel chose to disbelieve God’s word and to focus on their idols. God had enough. He unleashed his anger. The outcome was cruel hardship and exile for Israel.

Israel wanted idols, not the one true God. God must be the main focus, but not to the exclusion of everything else. Confirming my belief sometimes isolates my thinking, creating a confirmation bias that makes me seem insensitive, condescending, or irrelevant to non-believers. If I ignore God I am lost, but if I look down on the world I effectively close communication and put myself and the message I bear in exile. God sent Christ to redeem everyone’s hearts, not just mine. He alone is God and I am not.

Lord, You alone are righteous, holy, just and omniscient.  Lead and guide me in your ways. Keep me from molding my shaped idols. May I never stray so far from you, that you could use my life as a cautionary tale. I love you, Lord. May my actions be consistent with my belief and help me to overcome any unbelief. Thank you for sending your mercy and love through Jesus in whose name I pray. Amen.


From the archives. Originally published September 2, 2009.


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