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Ezekiel 38:10-40:49

Photo by Mandy Baldwin

“This is what the sovereign Lord says…” Ezekiel

Do you hear God? I was talking with someone the other day about how they hear God and it was very different from how I hear God. And, neither of us felt like hearing from God was a very frequent occurrence.

Throughout our reading today the words above were said many times. God spoke. God made Himself heard among His people. I have so many questions!

  • Did the Israelites Hear Him?
  • Did they understand what He said?
  • Did they believe what He said?
  • Do I believe what He says?

I would love nothing more than to sit face to face with God and hear clearly from Him. My heart longs for His clarity. The Israelites are such a clear reflection of how we continue to hear God, walk away, experience suffering, cry out to God, repent and experience His forgiveness.

When I struggle to Hear, I still have His presence. When I wonder if He hears me, I still have examples of how He heard His people in scripture. When I wonder if things will ever be ok, I have His promises.

Dear God, thank you for your words to the Israelites which speak directly to my heart today. May I be more and more aware of your promised presence. May I listen more closely to You. May I remember what You have done and that you are not done yet. Amen.



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