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Luke 4:1-6:26

But Jesus Himself would often slip away to the wilderness and pray.

~Luke 5:16

Jesus clearly lived a life no other person could. As God in the flesh He had the ultimate power on full steam. But, even He had to stay connected.

Through the temptations in the wilderness, synagogue scuffles, confrontations with demons, untold crowds of people needing healing, doubtful disciples, growing popularity and contempt, and a constant awareness of the great spiritual needs that pressed in around him, He still slipped away to pray.

He knew the source of His strength, the power in spite of His human frailty, the perspective He needed to maintain.

– I must remain on my knees

– Do I think I am better than Jesus, trying to do things on my own?

– Time alone with God needs to remain a priority in my life.

– “Alone” is key as well — Jesus went to the wilderness, do I have a quiet place, as well as a quiet time?

Lord, Help me to remember that I cannot, should not, and am not expected to live this Christian life on my own. Your everlasting love and eternal power remain available to me. Your faithfulness to those that choose the tough path of following never fails. Continue to draw me to a quiet time and place of sweet communion with You on a daily basis, and even multiple times a day. I need you, Lord! ~Amen

Erin (5intow)

From the archives. Originally published October 22, 2009.


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