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Luke 14:12-16:31

In this blog I will touch on some of the parables Jesus shared and how they can impact us if we take away the lesson He expects us to learn from His illustrations

In Luke 14: 12-14, we learn from Jesus in this parable teaching about reaching out and showing love to the poor and disadvantaged who would not be able to repay. His emphasis was on not showing love because of a reward from the person you are showing it to, He then comes with the assurance that the Lord will repay us at the resurrection if we demonstrate this type of love

Moving on to the parable of the great banquet in Luke 14: 15-23 I believe Jesus was telling his disciples that if those who are privileged to have been invited to the master’s banquet do not appreciate it, the underprivileged and others who appreciate it will be counted worthy and given a place at the master’s table to dine with Him

Jesus in Luke 14:16-33 in parables once again illustrates to the people the sacrifice and cost of following Him. He does this so well by laying emphasises on counting the cost as a prerequisite before making a decision to follow Him as that helps to prepare one’s mind before making that decision

In Luke 15 Jesus uses parables to expose the hypocrisy of the Pharisees and teachers of the law who criticised him for His act of love towards sinners.


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