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1 Corinthians 8:1 – 12:11

We never really know enough until we recognize that God alone knows it all. ( 1 Corin. 8:3- The Message)

…that there is only one God the Father, that everything comes from Him, and that He wants us to live for Him.  Also, they say there is only one Master—Jesus the Messiah—and everything is for his sake…

But knowing isn’t everything.  If it becomes everything, some people end up as know-it-alls who treat others as know-nothings.  Real knowledge isn’t that insensitive.  We need to be sensitive to the fact that we’re not all at the same level of understanding in this. (1 Corin. 8:6-7)

But fortunately, God doesn’t grade us on our diet.  We’re neither commended when we clean our plate nor reprimanded when we just can’t stomach it.  But God does care when you use your freedom carelessly in a way that leads a Christian still vulnerable to those old associations to be thrown off track. (1 Corin. 8:8-9 The Message)

Again, it becomes clear to me, that it is relationships that matter most.  Relationships with God the Father, Jesus the Master, and the Holy Spirit, as well as with others.  If I strive to please God, then I will do what is right to do towards others.  But a lot of the time, in my everyday life, when I am at the store, or driving, or at home with my family, I find myself reacting rather than reflecting on “what would God have me to do right now?” I heard Joyce Meyer talking about how she wanted to tell someone to clean up their life, now that they were a believer, and she said God told her ‘stay out of it’, and that He would take care of it when the time was right.  I, and maybe you, forget that we are all not on a level playing field.

We all share the same love that God offers to each and every one.  We share the forgiveness of sin, both past, present and future.  We share eternal life, and we also share grace and fresh mercy every morning.  And these are wonderful things.  And they are equal to everyone.  But individually, God works on different things at different times in each of us.  He sees us individually.  He knows exactly what we need and when.  These are the things I tend to forget.  Just because I know not to do something, it is not my place to judge someone else who hasn’t reached my level.  And it goes the other way too! Someone, above me in maturity, can’t judge me for what they have discovered in Christ, that I haven’t discovered yet.

I see this just in my family.  They are all over the place. Some saved, and some not.  A couple do not even acknowledge that God exists.  There are multiple denominations and some are non-denominational.  Some speak in tongues, some don’t. Some believe you can lose your salvation and others believe it can never be snatched away.  Some believe pre-trib and some post-trib.  But in spite of all these differences, we are able to gather together without issues.  Sometimes I ask questions of those I feel have a different perspective than me to try to learn.  I don’t think one of them would intentionally lead me astray or cause me to go off track, but I have to be conscious of who I are speaking with, and giving advice to.  Someone who doesn’t know their Bible as well, may believe something that is said is truth. Even though it was said with good intention, it could be completely inaccurate.  That is why I must remember that only God knows it all.  Everything comes from Him, and that He wants me to live for Him! ( I heard a preacher say this week (Russell Johnson) that all that we have comes from God, and He is nice enough to let us keep 90%) That’s the perspective God wants me to have.  I need to give up things, that are okay for me, but may detract from the Message of Christ. After all, we are running towards a prize that is eternally gold.

I must be on guard against wanting my own way, I must never try to get Christ to serve me, but I must remember that I am the servant to Him.  I must remember not to stir up discontent, or alter what the Bible says.  The Bible is for me, it gives me plenty of examples of what not to do, and also what to do.  I should daily take it to heart so that I can know when I hear something that is false, because people with the best of intentions, sometimes don’t get it right.  We are all imperfect humans, and we all need grace and mercy from each other.

Don’t be so naïve and self-confident.  You’re not exempt.  You could fall flat on your face as easily as anyone else.  Forget about self-confidence, it’s useless.  Cultivate God-confidence. No test or temptation that comes your way is beyond the course of what others have had to face.  All you need to remember is that God will never let you down; he’ll never let you be pushed past your limit; he’ll always be there to help you come through it. So, my very dear friends, when you see people reducing God to something they can use or control, get out of their company as fast as you can. (1 Corin. 10:12-13 The Message)

But the point is not to just get by.  We want to live well, but our foremost efforts should be to help others live well. (1 Corin. 10:24 The Message)

I am given the Holy Spirit to help me on my daily walk.  I can still use my brain to discern some things, because I have some understanding.  But the Holy Spirit gives me gifts and talents to be used daily.  All kinds of things are handed out by the Spirit to all kinds of people.  They all originate in God’s Spirit.  God’s various expressions of power are in action everywhere, but God himself is behind it all.  (12:4-6)

The variety is wonderful: wise counsel, clear understanding, simple trust, healing the sick, miraculous acts, proclamation, distinguishing between spirits, tongues, interpretation of tongues. All these gifts have a common origin, but they are handed out one by one by the one Spirit of God.  He decides who gets what, and when. (1 Corin. 12:7-11 The Message)

The Trinity is for me and with me, ready and willing to help when I reach out for help.  May I take advantage of the helps, and blessings, God has provided for me, to help me live this life in a way that is pleasing to Him.

Father God, thank you that you are always there.  That you have just what I need, when I need it.  Help me not to forget you have ALL knowledge, and I do not, so I need to defer to You when things are not going as I had hoped they would.  You work all things out for my good. Help me to work everything out for the good of those around me.  With You all things are possible.  Help my unbelief, Lord.  In Jesus’ name I pray, Amen!

Carol (carolvorwe)


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