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Genesis 41-43; Luke 13; Psalm 5

Today’s passages are filled with people who will not repent and follow the Lord in a strong way. And as we see these people there are several ways we can react. It’s interesting that the Genesis passage deals with Joseph’s brothers. They realized, too late, that their sin would follow them and they would need to pay for what they had done (Genesis 42:18-23). Joseph’s response was to weep as he heard his brothers declare their guilt.

King David is pleading with God to deal with the wicked that plague him and others. And yet his thoughts turn to his own fragile position before the Lord and asks for help in being the righteous person God is calling him to be.

Lead me, O Lord, in your righteousness
because of my enemies;
make your way straight before me (Psalm 5:8 [ESV]).

What a wake up call for me! When I see the wicked succeeding or making trouble for the righteous, I don’t look at myself and ask for help in being/staying righteous, but how can I get even with those people. Or I plead with God to take them out of the picture. WOW I need to re-examine my heart. Am I responding in a way that brings me closer to God or further away.

What about God’s response to all this. I think he grieves over sin and a stubborn people. We see in Luke 13 (vv. 34&35) that he weeps over Jerusalem because of their stubborn sinfulness. He really wanted to gather the children of Jerusalem under his arms, but they would not let him. Like Joseph he weeps over the sin he sees in front of him.

What is my/our response to the sin we see around us? I want to have a heart that follows strong after God. I want to be sensitive to the destruction of sin I see that it brings me to tears, not that it causes my hands to form fists. Lord help us all to be like Joseph and David. Help us to be tender to the havoc of sin that our Lord shows over Jerusalem. Help us to love you more.


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