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2 Chronicles 24; &2 Kings 12; Psalm 50; Matthew 9

2 Chronicles 24; &
2 Kings

One of the reasons the scriptures were written by men inspired by God was because God wanted us to learn from the achievements and mistakes made way back through the biblical times.

In these two chapters we read about Joash the boy King and how he was hidden by Jehoiada the Priest and his wife in the Temple against the wicked queen Athaliah who sort to kill him. As a result of this Godly influence before the age of 7, Joash started his kingship well by doing what was right in the sight of God. We can see in both chapters that God was with Him and His reing prospered.

Unfortunately once Jehoiada died Joash turned to the ungodly officials of Judah. This resulted in him turning away from God, worshipping other gods and making catastrophic decisions including killing Zechariah son of Jehoiada. All these bad decisions eventually eventually cost him his life!!

I learn here that the moment one takes God out of ones life it will result in making unwise decisions which will be very costly. Also if one surrounds oneself with Godly influence and good company their are endless positive benefits.

Psalm 50;

This psalm in a nutshell talks about the majesty of our God and the consequences of turning against him. God talks about His promise to His people one of which is to rescue them and answer them when they called if they obey Him by keeping their vows and offering a sacrifice. He also talks here about the wicked and their reward

Matthew 9

This chapter is full of Jesus’s miracles and a demonstration of His wisdom when answering questions.

In most of the miracles recorded here Jesus required the people involved or their families to demonstrate faith in His ability to heal them. This he required through their actions or through the things they declared.

The Bible says Jesus went around proclaiming the good news and healing the sick. His agenda is still the same today as it was then as He intends to use us as vessels to demonstrate His love and compassion. So let us make ourselves available to Him so He can use us to glorify His name

In Christ

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2 Chronicles 15-16;1 Kings 16;Philemon

*2 Chronicles 15-16

we are reminded here through this scripture that our trust and our reliance should always only be in The Lord our God!! As the Bible says “some trust in chariots and horses but we will trust in the name of the Lord”. We may ask the question “Why should we trust in the Lord?” Its because He is “reliable”, “consistent” and “dependable”. King Asa of Judah was warned by God through Azariah the Prophet to seek God & desire Him and that if He did The Lord would not forsake Him but would help him as King, like He did when Israel forsook God in the past. He also encouraged Asa to be strong and that God would reward him. Asa seemed to have started well, he made sacrifices to God with the whole of Judah, Benjamin and attracted people from Israel to join in this sacrifice and oath to God. He even removed his mother as Queen mother as she promoted idol worship.

Things started going wrong with Asa when he looked to other Kings for help instead of seeking God’s help like he had done in the past. When Hanani the seer told him his mistake he wasn’t repentant and he actually threw him in prison. He also oppressed the people too. When Asa fell ill he also made another mistake by seeking the help of just physicians and not God…he later died of his illness.

A big lesson for us to learn here…it is not just in starting well that matters but in ending well. Also no matter how successful we become we must never fall for the trap of trusting in men but we must always remember to love and trust in God always.

*1 Kings 16

it is so so sad to read how this chapter list all the Kings of Israel who despite all God had done for them still did so much evil and worshiped other gods!! We can see how all of them ended. All I can say here is we must be careful not to fall for the same mistake too. Although we may not have the same temptation with worshipping physical idols, we could give more attention to things of this world over serving and living for God. Other things could become idols in our lives and God could take a back sit. We could, like the world, end up prioritising “other things” over God and those “other things” could become our “idols” like the Kings of Israel in this chapter

*Philemon 1

When I read the book of Philemon the manifestation of the love of Christ amongst the early Christians seems so tangible and fills me with joy. One reads about the personal brotherly relationship Paul had with the other brethren and it just makes the Christian faith so beautiful. I honestly could not imagine myself and my life without Christ because when I’m in the mist of or when I communicate either physically or virtually with other brethren I feel that bond of love too. Please let us value the love of God that is shared abroad in our hearts for regardless of which country we live in we have the blood of Christ running in our spiritual veins and we are all one in the spirit too🙏🏽

In Christ


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Proverbs 24-25; Psalm 41; 1 Thessolonian 2

Proverbs 24
Solomon at some point was the wisest man on earth because He asked God for wisdom to rule His people the Israelites.

Most if not all of Proverbs were part of Solomon’s wisdom that was recorded in scriptures.

Proverbs 24-25 is full of so many wise sayings, divine wisdom given to Solomon by God…Where does one even start from? I am going to highlight a few of my favourite verses from both chapters.

Proverbs 24:1 warns against admiring the wicked (the bible calls those who live in sin ‘the wicked”). The temptation is always there to admire the life of those who live in sin..This is easily noticable when people boast about “the bad things they did in the past” and people laugh about it or admire it. The bible here also talks about not desiring their company because they have a different mindset, their priorities are different and they can be bad influence on a believer.

Wisdom and knowledge are highlighted in Proverbs 24:3-4 as very essential for building a home and for filling it with rear treasures. The ultimate source of wisdom and knowledge is God and His word. God covers every aspect of life in the bible and the more we study it the more insight we get into building our homes and marriages on a solid foundation. We also need to research other sources of knowledge so that we are well equipped in other areas of life to be able to make well informed decisions. Eg Investment, Health and Fitness just to name a few. The bible here makes it clear that we will have an edge in life over those who do not prioritise getting wisdom and knowledge.

Proverbs 24:16 talks about the importance of rising again as believers. Shaking off the dust and picking ourselves up, refusing to stay down when we fall..for it is in rising up that we have our victory.

Prov24:30-34 emphasises the end result of laziness which will tend to lack and self inflicted poverty.

Proverbs 25

The importance of forgiveness and acting in love is stressed here in Prov25:21-22 were we are encouraged to be a blessing to someone who could be termed as “our enemy” eg someone who does evil to us or who wrongs us. Doing good to those who do bad to us will make them feel guilty and God will reward us.

Psalm 41

In the first verse of this chapter I want to emphasise how God repays us when we look after the weak, the down throdden and the forgotten. The bible says God will personally deliver such people from trouble because they have been a blessing to the weak

1 Thessalonians 2

What stands out for me in this chapter is the love of God that was evident between paul and the church, the desire to see the Brethren and the demonstration of the love of Christ..there was also the setting a good example by Paul and the other Apostles who rather than depending on the church worked hard to support themselves.

In Christ

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1Kings3; 2Chronicles1; Psalm42; Romans 8

1 Kings 3;
We see in David a father who set a good example for his son Solomon in the way he served and worshipped God. The bible in this chapter said Solomon loved the Lord by walking in the statues of his father David. Solomon demonstrates this by going to offer a great sacrifice to God at Gibeon. God rewards his faithfulness by promising him anything he ask for. Solomon ask for the wisest thing from God, “wisdom to rule His people” and God tops that by giving him even more than he asks for “wealth and splendour”
I learn from this that if I put God’s will first He will reward me by adding all other things (including wealth) to me

2 Chronicles 1;
Here the scriptures confirms that because God was with Solomon, He made him great.
This scripture not only repeats the story in 1Kings3 but also goes on to record the beginning of Solomon’s splendour and wealth, a fulfillment of God’s promise to him. I learn from here that if you walk with God He will exalt you for His name sake and also that God stays true to His promises, if He said He will do it, He certainly will!!

Psalm 42;
Here I learn the importance of God in my life as my true and only source…the psalmist at various times thirst for the living God, His souls hopes for God to uplift and encourage him when his soul is downcast. I learn once again God is the source of true happiness so my soul pants for God like a deer for water!!

Romans 8
I learn here the importance of walking in the spirit as a Christian as the only way to live above sin and fulfilling the lust of the flesh.
I also learn the importance of The Holy Spirit our personal Helper in making intercession for us with words that can’t be uttered and also God’s grand plan in causing all things to work together for our good

In Christ


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2 Samuel 9-10; 1 Chronicles 18-19; Psalm 89; Acts 26

2 Samuel 9-10 David showed in these verses a demonstration of kindness to Mepheboseth (Saul’s grandson) and restored all Saul’s land to him & gave him the privilege to eat at his table for the rest of his life and to David it didn’t matter that Mepheboseth was crippled because David was full of compassion for him and knowing the bond he had had with his father Jonathan. These are the types of actions that earned David the intimacy with God making him refer to him as “a man after my heart” . This also gives up to me and should give hope to all that even in situations where it is obvious you are at a disadvantage and it appears you have been forgotten when God decides to remember you, favour will find you wherever you are like it David found Mepheboseth in Jesus name

1 Chronicles 18-19 David knew the source of his victory, he depended on God for direction and as a habit would ask God’s opinion before going into battle and the bible says in these chapters and the ones above that God gave David victory wherever he went. So it is of no surprise he made a habit of dedicating the “spoils” of war to God and God did give him more and more victory. These chapters list David’s victories God gave him in battle..a lesson for us too that if we seek God’s leading and depend on Him always we are sure to have constant victory like David and if we honour God like David did then we move to a place of trust in the eyes of God and victory would not be alien to us.

Psalm 89; David glorifies and praises God, thanking him for His promises & kindness, his protection. At the later end of this psalm though it seems something went wrong and God was angry with David letting him fall into shame and embarrassment…David then reminds God of His earlier promises and appeals to Him to rescue him, this is the type of bond David had with God that gave him the boldness to appeal to God and remind him of His promises..may we also walk in the reality of such intimacy with God

Acts 26 Paul defends himself before Agrippa and Festus. Challenging the Jews using the scriptures. What came to mind here is unlike Jesus who never defended himself Paul did. This means there in some circumstances God will and does expect you to defend yourself while in others He expects you to be silent like Jesus. It takes the Holy Spirit to give us discernment to know which is appropriate for each situation we may find ourselves

In Christ BM

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