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2 Samuel 17-19

This scripture is a sad story of how the greed and unhealthy ambition of Absolom to become King cost him his life and caused David a lot of pain and heart ache.

We see how Absolom devised a cunning plan to win the Israelites over to himself in a very subtle way and how he even seeked the opinion of some of David’s trusted advisers like Ahithophel and Hushai.

However when God’s children walk in righteousness before Him, He brings confusion in the camp of the enemy so we see Absolom rejecting Ahithophel’s sound counsel (in 2Samuel 17:14) because God was working behind the scenes actually fighting for David.

We can also see how pride can cost a person their Ahithophel committed suicide because Absolom rejected his counsel what Ahithophel did not know was that it was all part of God’s intervention and plan and he should not have committed suicide.

What I also find remarkable in these scripture is that despite the majority of Israel backing Absolom in his revolt against David because it was contrary to God’s plans and because David was a man after God’s heart, Absolom and his army suffered a terrible defeat in the end. This should give us the assurance as Children of God that “Some trust in chariots and some in horses, but we trust in the name of the Lord our God.” – Psalm 20:7(NIV)

We see David’s righteousness in that he still mourns for the same son who tried to take his life and kingdom

In Christ


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Joshua 8:24-11:9

In Joshua 8 we see Ai’s defeat by the Israelites as they followed God’s instructions to precision

Somehow in Joshua 9 the Israelites made a grave mistake by not asking God for His counsel before making a decision about whether or not they should proceed ino battle!!

The lesson for us to learn here is to never rush into making decisions without speaking to God first. God is the alfa and omega and He knows the beginning from the end which is why we need to seek His face first before making decisions. The Lord knows the heart of men and has promised us that He would lead us in the way we should go and He will direct our path. The Gibeonites decieved the Israelites because the Israelites were over confident and judged by “the seeing of their eyes”. Let us not make the same mistake.

Another lesson to learn here is that the Israelites showed great integrity by honouring their covenant with the Gibeonites despite the fact they had been deceived. How many of us in a similar situation would do the same?

In Joshua 10 we see the extent God would go by breaking the law of nature to ensure victory for His children, the Israelites. The Bible says Joshua prayed to God for the son and moon to stand still until they had victory in battle and God answered His prayers. Let us learn from this experience that, God will go to any extreme for us to ensure we have victory in battle so let us seek Him in prayer always and as we pray to Him let us believe that He is a God who answers prayers.

In Christ


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Leviticus26:14-27:34; Numbers 1:1-41

*Leviticus 26:14-27:34;

God made things easy for the Israelites in Leviticus 26 by stating clearly what would happen to them if they kept His commands and also if they disobeyed Him. In this blog we will focus on what disobedience to God’s commands would cost them so that we learn how this may also apply to us as God’s children too.

In verses 14-17, the Israelites refusing to listen to God, failing to carry out His commands, rejection of God’s decrees, abhoring His laws which all result in violating His covenant will mean God would bring upon them sudden terror, wasting diseases and a fever that would cause destruction of sight, energy and their planting of seed in vain. God would also turn away from them which would expose them to the enemy’s defeat.

The lesson we could learn here as Christians is that God detests disobedience and its results are damaging and costly as His heavy hands of judgement would stand against us. Although God is a God of love He is also a God of judgement who hates disobedience which when we walk in it, He sees that action as sin. May we be wise and recieve grace from the cross and help from the Holy Spirit our personal Helper to turn away from disobedience that we may not incur the wrath of God. This is the dispensation of grace to be able to do all things through Christ who strengthens us including rising above disobedience. A dispensation when Jesus has given us power to become sons and daughters of God to be able to rise above disobedience. Hallelujah!!

Even in all of this in verses 18, 21, 23, 27,42 and verse 45 we still see God’s mercy in that He gives the Israelites an opportunity time and time again to escape more of His judgement by just requiring them to simply listen to Him and turn away from disobedience.

The lesson to learn here is that even in God’s anger when we disobey Him, He is still rich in mercy towards us if we repent and decide to keep His words.

*Numbers 1:1-41

In this scripture God gives Moses and Aaron specific instructions to carry out a Census and also how to go about it.

We learn how organised and detailed God can be when He gives instructions and how He communicated with Moses and Aaron

We must therefore learn to carry out God’s instructions to the letter and not take any aspects of His will for granted

In Christ


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Gen 35:1- Gen 37:24

This scriptures unfolds part of the interesting journey in the lives of Jacob and Esau and how God’s ordained plans came to fruition.

God starts in Chapter 35 instructing Jacob to go back to Bethel where He had revealed himself in a dream to him and reminded him of his plans to fulfill the covenant He had made with Abraham.

If we read the preceding Chapters this appears to be the second time God appears to Jacob when he found himself in a difficult situation. The lesson I see here is just because a person is going through rough times doesn’t mean God has abandoned them. Regardless of what we go through God stands faithful to His word

When Jacob obeys God’s instructions to return to Bethel God rewards him by changing his name to Israel and reconfirming the covenant He had with Abraham and Isaac his father. We learn here that our obedience to God’s words always results in a fulfillment of our God ordained destiny.

Yet again after God spoke and confirmed His covenant with Israel, more rough times and unpleasant events came his way. Rachel died, his son Rueben slept with Bilhah one of his concubines and his father Isaac dies.

Then in Chapter 36 we move on to Esau’s genealogy and how he was the forefather of the Edomites a people who later refused to help the Israelites when they were in need of help.

In Chapter 37 Joseph’s story begins. A young man who was given a dream but shared it with his brothers repeatedly even though they hated him. God’s plan however would still be fulfilled as Joseph was rescued from his brother’s plans to kill him. A vital lesson here is be careful who we share our dreams with as they may hate us and try to kill those dreams or harm us.

Father help us to always obey you and seek you first for we know that you watch over every word you have spoken to us to perform it. Also help us Lord to remember your promises to us even when we go through rough times and dark periods of our lives in Jesus name!! Amen!!!

In Christ


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Job 1-3;Psalm 29

*Job 1-3(Amplified version)

The story of Job in the Bible and the trails he went through are a confirmation that sometimes “good people” or should I say “righteous people” who serve the Lord do experience loss, devastation for no fault of theirs.

We see a conversation between God & Satan about Job’s faithfulness and how Satan believed Job was guiltless because of God’s blessings and protection over him. This scripture does confirm that God indeed does protection and bless in abundance those who faithfully serve Him and live righteously before Him that includes those who walk in the gift of God’s righteousness through Christ.

God was so confident in Job’s faithfulness that he agreed to take His protective hedge off Job as suggested by Satan and of cause Satan went to work at attacking Job. God was right!!

Job’s next reaction didn’t come as a shock to God but I must admit it is a clear indication that Job (who knew nothing about God and Satan’s conversation) really did serve God faithfully and trusted Him. So Job said in “The Lord gave and the Lord has taken away blessed be the name of the Lord”

We learn here from Job’s reaction here that even when we lack understanding of why we are going through rough times and even when it doesn’t make sense we should still trust in the Lord like Job here who’s reaction was that He would praise God still even if God took away His blessings

We see in Job 2 another account of God’s conversation with Job and here what strikes me is that God boasts about Job confidently and without a doubt. God boasts in Job2:3(Amp) that Job was “blamless and upright” and “one who fears God with reverence and abstains from and turns away from evil because he honours God” Can God boast about us like this too? If not we need to examine our lives and align it with God’s word

In Job 3 we need to give credit to Job’s friends in that they came to comfort him and initially did get things right by not saying anything but just keeping him company and sometimes that is all we need to do when we comfort or encourage people

*Psalm 29(Amplified version)

This Psalm like most other Psalm is awesome in that it highlights the majesty, splendour and what I would call “the Almightiness” of our God.

It starts off by ascribing the glory, worship and splendour due to our God and the beauty that shines forth from His holiness

Verses 3-10 go on to describe the shear strength, power and sovereignty that belongs to our God that just through His voice He is able to make the most unimaginable happen..for example God’s voice in verse 8 “shakes the wilderness” and in verse 7 God’s voice “rakes flames of fire(lightning)”

Let this scripture give you assurance that you serve a mighty God who can do all things and there is nothing we go through that He doesn’t have the strength and ability to sustain and uphold us to overcome in Jesus name

In Christ


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