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Luke 21:10-22:46 

I am fascinated by leadership. I can say that I grew up with very little to model in this area, so I had to learn it. Like Ken Blanchard said in his book, The One Minute Manger, spending fifteen minutes a day in one topic, for a whole year, is equivalent to a university degree on that topic. That was my goal and I have never stopped learning and growing. I am fascinated with how Jesus modelled leadership, especially in how He handled Judas and how He practiced loving His enemies.

Do you realize that the hand of the one who is betraying me is at this moment on this table?  – Luke 22:21 MSG

How many times did Jesus honour Judas during the course of the Last Supper? I counted at least two. Of the two, I actually took some time to look at where Judas was seated and found that one to be of more interest to me. Needless to say, I believe both actions Jesus took offered a way out for Judas if he wanted to take it. It was love in action on the part of Jesus.

And you’ve stuck with me through thick and thin. – Luke 22:28 MSG

What about the rest of the disciples? They were not worthy of such a statement if they had known the future. Jesus knew the future and still said it. Why? Maybe Jesus was taking a moment to teach them that they will fail and continue to fail and in spite of their failures they will be honoured for their faithfulness – I will be honoured in spite of my failures.

The follow through is quite simple, when it comes to leadership, if I have been restored, I will walk with my struggling brother, showing incredible passion for the honour and glory of my own walk with Jesus. When I went astray, I dishonoured Him. If others go astray they will do the same. May I be watchful that I may prevent them from being as foolish as I had been. May I be tender to them because of my own experience and have a sense of deep concern for them.

At once an angel from heaven was at his side, strengthening him. – Luke 22:43 MSG

One thing I am thinking right now – how honourable it must have felt for the angel who was called on to minister to Jesus.

All this happened as Jesus was praying – a place where I can find strength to keep His will and honour His name. More and more I am being called to spend alone time – not just early morning devotional time, but specially appointed alone time. It is how I can face the temptations, the seductions that come my way. A place where I can look past all of that and into the eyes of the One who loves me enough to die for me – and do what honours Him the most.

Thank you Father for giving me another glimpse into Your love.

Erwin (evanlaar1922)


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