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Leviticus 15:1-18:18

I have been learning that the law is very much the love of God in action. While I may not have understood this or seen it before, I see it more and more each day. The law has been teaching me my privilege and my honour – that I have been purified into a peculiar, holy person and so defilement to me may not be the same to others.

Since it is not the same, I am held accountable to abstain from sin – anything that would mess with my conscience and from own earthly lusts. I want to possess my being with sanctification and honour and not the desires that will separate me from God – for they pollute my soul, they war against it and threaten to ruin me and my walk with Him.

You are responsible for keeping the People of Israel separate from that which makes them ritually unclean, lest they die in their unclean condition by defiling my Dwelling which is among them. – Leviticus 15:31 MSG

Just in case I forgot why the laws matter, I am reminded.

I am taught by these laws my privilege and honour so that I might be part of God’s kingdom, a holy nation. These were made for me even if you feel they were not made for you. My duty is to preserve the honour of my purity and to keep myself from all sinful activities.

This is a high calling, especially for me today. My social network tries to convince me each day that these laws do not matter, that it is okay for me to participate in practices my conscience tells me is not okay. I cannot imagine what would happen to my soul if I ever did engage. If I had to make a choice between God’s love and those who hold nothing to the law, I will choose the love of God.

Father, the law is hard and yet I see through it and see Your hand graciously guiding, leading and instructing. While I can never fulfill the law on my own, Your grace and love sustain me and keep me heading in the right direction. Give me wisdom to explain how powerful Your law is and may others see Your grace in me as I disciple them to walk in Your ways. The days are short, I sense You moving in this world, definitely in my world. Your voice is calling me to walk with You, get closer to You, move when You ask me to move. Give me the strength to pursue You even when others do not think it is necessary. Thank you.

Erwin (evanlaar1922)


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