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1 Samuel 17,18; Luke 20:27-47

As a shepherd boy, David had repeated experiences of battling foes to save his flock. Each encounter provided skill and courage to face the next one. When an entire army of Israelites shrank back from a taunting giant, David was confident in his abilities to stand up against an enemy. He also knew Who stood with him.

A few weeks ago, I took my girls to get their ears pierced. My youngest went first, and as the first earring went in, she howled and wailed in pain. There were a lot of candy promises to get the job finished. My oldest, in contrast, sat calmly in the chair and didn’t flinch when the piercing gun fired. No change of expression. Not a single utterance. She has had many unpleasant (at times horrifying) medical experiences in her young life. As a mom, her lack of sound or expression saddened me that she would be so toughened, so young. At the same time, I felt a reverential fear of the Lord how He has prepared her for the race marked out for her. And I wonder of the battles she will face. I hope she is always aware of Who stands with her.

And everyone assembled here will know that the Lord rescues his people, but not with sword and spear. This is the Lord’s battle, and he will give you to us!–1 Samuel 17:47 NLT

In introspection, life events have made my heart tender. The battles I’ve faced I know prepare me for harder tasks ahead. And when an enemy wounds, I know (and I forget, and then I know again) that the battle is the Lord’s. I heard a speaker recently remark of forgiveness: the one who takes away can never fully restore–only the Lord can.

Father God, I can’t discern between unforgiveness and hurt. Can one forgive and still feel pain? Do remembrance and pain imply unforgiveness? Lord, I pray that I can hand over victory to you and stop trying to solve the unsolvable myself. You work toward the good of all who believe in you. When an offender can never erase memory or loss, you restore. Help me to turn my battles over to you, to move on in peace, to trust in you. You prepare us all for bigger battles. And you stand with us. Thank you!

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