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2 Kings 4; 1 Timothy 1; Daniel 8; Psalm 116

2 Kings 4—a widow is in financial trouble and risks losing her sons to slavery if she can’t pay. Elisha asks, “What do you have?”

“Nothing but a flask of olive oil,” she replies.

God performs a miracle. The widow gathers as many jars as she can, and God fills them with this single flask so that she is able to sell the oil to pay off her debt. (There is even enough money left over for her and her family to live off of.)

God provides.

I serve on a team that feeds 20 people at church. There have been weeks when I shopped for my family and the 20 other adults I’m feeding at that time, and I’ve come in below my average household budget (even when I expected I’d be well above it).

God provides.

My husband and I have talked about it, whether it’s money, time or resources—God provides in ways that leave us scratching our heads in wonder.

He is able to do a lot with a little.

Whenever I’m tempted to think: I don’t have the time. I don’t have the skill. I don’t have the energy.

I hope to remember: if he brings me to it, he’ll bring me through it. (Ack, cliche.)

Sometimes overflowing, and sometimes just enough.

Lord, I face today fueled by You. With a schedule that left me feeling I didn’t have time or energy, You came through when I put my faith in You (and not myself). I feel joy, and not for circumstance, but because of how amazing You are. Thank you!

Courtney (66books365)


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Judges 21; Acts 25; Jer 35; Psalm 78

I took my kids to a Family Fun Night where they put their names in a raffle to win bikes.  All four of my kids got to have one try.  I was really hoping at least one of them would win, but they didn’t.  My 5 yr old son was the saddest.  He cried, because he really wanted the police bike.  I had to remind him at least three times that he had won a bike last year in a library raffle.  I think about how short-sighted his little mind can be, and how God was using him to show me how mine is as well…

It seems like the people of Jerusalem and Judah struggled with the same stubborness that I do. God sent Jeremiah to give them a message,”God-of-the Angel-Armies, the God of Israel says, “Why won’t you learn your lesson and do what I tell you?” God’s Decree, “The commands of Johadab son of Recab to his sons have been carried out to the letter.  He told them not to drink wine, and they haven’t touched a drop to this very day. They honored and obeyed their ancestor’s command. But look at you! I have gone to a lot of trouble to get your attention and you ignored me.  I sent prophet after prophet to you, all of them my servants, to tell you from early morning to late at night to change your life, make a clean break with your evil past and do what is right, to not take up with every Tom, Dick and Harry of a God that comes down the pike, but settle down and be faithful in this country I gave your ancestors.  “And, what do I get from you? Deaf ears.” Jeremiah 35  MSG

I am thankful for God’s patience with me. He knows me and He will do whatever it takes to get my attention and show mercy and love while doing it.  I want to remind me kids of God’s faithfulness in our lives, whenever I have the chance….

“We’re not keeping this to ourselves, we’re passing it along to the next generation-God’s fame and fortune, the marvelous things he has done.  He planted a witness in Jacob, set His word firmly in Israel, Then commanded our parents to teach it to their children, So, the next generation would know, and all the generations to come- Know the truth and tell the stories, so their children can trust in God, Never forget the works of God, but keep his commandments to the letter.  Heaven forbid they should be like their parents, bullheaded and bad, a fickle and faithless bunch who never stayed true to God…They forgot what He had done-marvels he’d done right before their eyes…But, God helped them anyway.” Psalm 7: 1-25 MSG

Dear Jesus, Forgive me when I am so forgetful of your faithfulness in my life. Thank you for the big and little ways that you remind me.  And help me to be diligent in keeping a record for myself, so that I will never grow weary of telling my kids about You and Your marvelous works, Amen.



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Genesis 22, Matthew 21, Nehemiah 11, Acts 21

Abraham is called by God to demonstrate his faith.  We all know the story I’m sure, I can vividly remember the cartoon version I watched on VHS as a little boy, of Abraham and his young son traveling up the mountain to the place, which God had called him.  The young Isaac realizing part way up the hill that they hadn’t brought a lamb for sacrifice, and asking his father what they were going to sacrifice.  Abraham’s response demonstrates a large amount of faith, he knew God had promised him descendants and blessing, and he trusted in God to provide the lamb for sacrifice.

There are times in all of our lives where we have to put flesh and bones on the faith that we have claimed.  Even Abraham’s great faith in telling his son God would provide the sacrifice, didn’t stop the process, because this time, words were not going to be enough.  I can remember the first time God called me, it was easy to respond.  I was at the end of my rope, after my 3rd attempt at suicide which by all means should have worked, I realized that God wasn’t going to let me go, and he spoke in my heart that he had things here for me to do.  It was easy to follow that call, because what else did I have going for me? Absolutely nothing. I was broken, and lost.

A little over 4 years later, and I think about the comforts in which I now rest.  God has provided schooling at a great biblically centered university, the wife of my dreams, a job in ministry, great friends and supportive family, and a place to live.  What else could I ask for?

Abraham had already received much of what had been promised, but he was then asked to give that up, to receive more than he could ever comprehend.  Am I content with what I have now so much so that when God asks me to give up the comforts of my current situation for something more, will I trust him? Or will I be so nearsighted as to withhold things that God has given, and miss out on all that he wants to give.  My pastor gives a great analogy, which says that you can’t accept a gift with closed hands.  If you hold everything you have been given with open hands, how much more can the Lord bless you!

I must remember when it seems like God asks the impossible, his desire is to bless and take care of me, and he always fulfills his promises.

Sam A. (guest on 66 Books)


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Genesis 13,14,15; Matthew 5:1-26

Lot looked out across the land to choose a piece for himself. He went to the greener pasture. But sometimes what looks lush, green, fertile is actually on the verge of evil. Looks can be deceiving. He set up his tents outside the city limits of Sodom–a wicked city that repeatedly sinned against the Lord.

Abram let Lot have his pick of the land. He rested in God and knew: whatever he had, wherever he went–he’d be ok, because God provides. Here, God provides many things to Abram–land, protection from warring kingdoms, alliances to retrieve his captive nephew … and underneath a starry sky, God promises an heir.

When Lot is freed, the king of Sodom comes out to talk to Abram, saying, “Give back my people who were captured. But you may keep for yourself all the goods you have recovered.” Genesis 14:21 NLT.

Abram declines the offer of goods–that this ruler might boast of having provided Abram’s wealth. Abram knows and won’t be fooled by evil’s lure–only God provides.

Matthew 5:3-12 … the Beatitudes remind: the poor, the mourning, the meek, the pure, the humble, the merciful–God blesses them. God provides.

Abram was a wealthy man, but he was humble too–and he gave thanks where it was due.

God blesses those who are humble, for they will inherit the whole earth. Matthew 5:5 (NLT)

Stars in the sky.

Father, you turn my thinking inside out and counter-culture. I have wrongfully sought value and success based on corrupt measures. Help me to assess things by your standards, and may I never forget that you provide. (Thank you, thank you, for faithfulness to your word.)

Courtney (66books365)


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1Kings 17; Col. 4; Ezek.47; Ps.103

Wardrobe. Mailbox. Car. Favorite coffee mug. Front door. The things of my everyday a homeless person doesn’t have. I read of an account recently, a blogger in a restaurant who noticed a homeless couple at a table … their sign propped up nearby announcing their presence in the dining hall. He was disheveled, unbathed; she was too, quiet and grim. They sat at the table and waited, speechless. The blogger imagined the meager meal they might share. But to her surprise, the couple each received a large plate of steak and eggs.

My heart sang when I read the words. That meal, they ate like kings.

A friend once pointed out being touched by God’s provision in the pages of 1 Kings 17. Here is verse four:

“Drink from the brook and eat what the ravens bring you, for I have commanded them to bring you food.”

Last year our family participated on a team that made scripture cards for the homeless to go into pockets of donated coats at area shelters. I always wondered about the hands that would find love notes.

Psalm 103–an outpouring of praise to a great God.

1 Praise the LORD, O my soul;
all my inmost being, praise his holy name.
2 Praise the LORD, O my soul,
and forget not all his benefits—
3 who forgives all your sins
and heals all your diseases,
4 who redeems your life from the pit
and crowns you with love and compassion,
5 who satisfies your desires with good things
so that your youth is renewed like the eagle’s.

This homeless couple, did they know redemption? Did they feel lifted? Did they know they wore crowns that day?

Father, I praise you for the love you poor out on a hurting, broken world. I thank you for prompting a heart to feed a family so they could eat till their stomachs were full. Oh, God, that I would be attentive to your promptings in my day-t0-day, to treat someone royally and bless them in your name. You are the God who provides, and my soul praises you in awe and gratitude.

Courtney (66books365)


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