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2 Chronicles 8:1-11:12 

Marriage is a topic of incredible importance. Most churches hold counselling sessions for the upcoming bride and groom in order to see if they can properly prepare them for the moments of truth. I believe I have read 52 books on the subject as part of my growth in understanding my role in our marriage. It is no wonder that there are many warning signs in the Bible suggesting that your marriage partner is one of the most important partnership one could make. It is one made with a lifetime commitment.

So when Solomon comes down to the day of decision, it is here I have the opportunity of watching him make decisions. He is the wisest person on earth, making the simplest mistake, and covering it up with reasons that do not make sense.

Here is the slippery slope Solomon found himself on.

 Solomon brought Pharaoh’s daughter from the City of David to a house built especially for her, “Because,” he said, “my wife cannot live in the house of David king of Israel, for the areas in which the Chest of God has entered are sacred.” – 2 Chronicles 8:11 MSG

Solomon knew beyond a doubt that this new wife was not a sacred relationship. It begs so many questions but I think we all know most of the answers. It can be explained away with so many excuses but at the end of the day, the core of who I am as a follow of Jesus, it does not measure up. It is a warning for me and for others that I come alongside – I think I will influence them, most likely they will influence me.

What was missing in Solomon – probably the passion that his father had. Definitely the need to repent was not seen or heard of. At least he honoured his father’s memory by making sure these women who did not honour God would not reside in the same house his father had resided in. It was a sacred place, a place where David prayed and where he worshipped.

Marriage is where principles and spiritual affinities are the basis of the alliance, the foundation to build on. If the marriage partner is unworthy to live in the palace, then it is known that she is morally unworthy and whatever her practices are, would dishonour rather than adorn the rooms where portions of the Bible were written and sung.

 Marriage is honourable in all. Solomon knew this and just chose to ignore it.

Father, while I am enjoying 40 years of marriage, I still come across moments where I think a basic principle of partnership is not important, that it really does not matter. Moments later I am being screamed at by the Holy Spirit calling into questions my thoughts and my motives. I am so thankful that I have You walking with me. I could not be the man of God You have called me to be without You walking with me. Thank You.

Erwin (evanlaar1922)


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