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Genesis 3-5 and Mark 2

God created them Adam and Eve, not nincompoops!  It occurred to me while reading Genesis that when God walked in the cool of the garden with Adam and Eve, He talked with them probably about life to come, about love for one another, about creation, and so many other things spiritual, natural, and supernatural. In other words, Adam and Eve didn’t just shuffle along behind Him in stupefied silence – they talked, listened, questioned, and learned. They hung on His every word.

Likewise, when Jesus began His ministry He also walked with the people and preached to them spiritual truths, how to live rightly, and how to believe even in things to come. Like the description in Genesis concerning God’s presence with Adam and Eve, the second chapter in Mark relates the personable, human side of Christ who ate and drank with His disciples, sharing in their hospitality, showing the heart of His Father toward them. Though the religious leaders could not bear to hear His words, the multitude jostled each other to get close to Jesus. Those that persevered with belief in Christ came to understand how God relates to us and us to Him. Jesus said, “If you had known Me, you would have known My Father also; from now on you know Him, and have seen Him,” (John 14:7).

Reading about God and His Son walking among men and talking with them makes me envy those intimate moments that people shared with them. I long to be physically close to Jesus my Savior so that I could reach my arm around His shoulder or accidentally bump into Him as we walked side by side.

I have a similar longing when I’m talking with my friend on the phone. She lives too far from me to visit; and when I hear her voice, I just wish we were sitting in a coffee shop sharing dessert and patting each other’s hand as we talk, cry, and laugh together – sometimes all in the same conversation!

There is more, however, to satisfy thirst when in Christ’s presence than what is gained from phileo love or a meeting of the minds. This deeper and more intense relationship with Christ is perhaps the same desire of Adam and Eve after the garden tragedy – what was lost intensified the expectation that all things would be set right with the coming of the Messiah. That is what I long for this year from reading God’s Word, meditating on His truths, and wrestling my needs and wants to the holy ground at God’s feet. I expect that all things will be set right…and how else can I hope to touch Him or to be known by His all-consuming love even now?


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