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Exodus 14:21-17:16 

When the Israelites crossed the Red Sea, and the entire Egyptian army died that day, Moses wrote and sang a song —

Then Moses and the Israelites sang this song to God, giving voice together,

I’m singing my heart out to God—what a victory!
    He pitched horse and rider into the sea.
God is my strength, God is my song,
    and, yes! God is my salvation.
This is the kind of God I have
    and I’m telling the world!
This is the God of my father—
    I’m spreading the news far and wide!
God is a fighter,
    pure God, through and through.
Pharaoh’s chariots and army
    he dumped in the sea,
The elite of his officers
    he drowned in the Red Sea.
Wild ocean waters poured over them;
    they sank like a rock in the deep blue sea.
Your strong right hand, God, shimmers with power;

    your strong right hand shatters the enemy.
In your mighty majesty
    you smash your upstart enemies,
You let loose your hot anger
    and burn them to a crisp.
At a blast from your nostrils
    the waters piled up;
Tumbling streams dammed up,
    wild oceans curdled into a swamp. – Exodus 15:1-8 MSG

I can feel the words declaring that God is worthy of such honour and praise because of who He is, and because of His great redemptive work.

It is a holy song, consecrated to the honour of God and intended to exalt His name and celebrate His praise which is designated only to Him – holiness to the Lord is engraved on it. To God they made the melody in the singing of it.

I find myself very easily joining them in this song for I too have reason to heap honour on God.

There is something I have to do. I have to find more ways to honour God in worship. It cannot just be with my tongue though, I have to honour Him with a humble awe on my spirit.

Here is what I know when I look at the words of this song – all the honour of the victory were reverently laid at God’s feet.

Father, I know You have heard the songs I have sung to You, whispered to You, cried to You, even whistled to You. The release of these songs have all made me a free man as I walked into the next chapter of my life a little bit more wiser than the one I was leaving. I want to honour You, may the Holy Spirit enable me to find ways to humbly come before You and keep finding ways to show You my awe of who You are. Touch and fill me with Your Spirit. Amen.

Erwin (evanlaar1922)


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