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Psalms 68:5-69:4

There is much to be said about a person anointed and called to serve God, I am amazed with many of their stories and David is one of those key people. I love how he taught me to bless the Lord, regardless. His humility with Saul continues to teach me that my way is not the best model to follow, but rather God’s way even when it costs me.

All you mountains not chosen,
    sulk now, and feel sorry for yourselves,
For this is the mountain God has chosen to live on;
    he’ll rule from this mountain forever. – Psalm 68:16 MSG

It is so noticeable to see the people whom God has chosen – what an honour to be honoured with His presence.

Blessed be the Lord—
    day after day he carries us along. – Psalm 68:19 MSG

 Honour is more than praise and blessing is more than honour. There is something about a bended knee when I think about honour. Is it not odd that someone like me can take the honour to bless God? It does make sense when I think that since He honoured me first, that gives me the opportunity of honouring Him. I pray that I may take every day to honour Him and show it by blessing Him.

I made a short list, very short, of what I have received from His hand as a blessing:

  • friends
  • material things
  • honour
  • dignity of my work
  • favour
  • success
  • comforts
  • peace – both inward and outward
  • reputation
  • protection
  • being rescued
  • balanced load to carry

It is only here, in the knowing of blessing, that when I am called to give because of a false claim against me, I can.

I’ve got more enemies than hairs on my head;
Liars and cheats are out to knife me in the back.

What I never stole
Must I now give back? – Psalm 69:4 MSG

I can give to restore a false claim because I want to make peace with the one who believes an offence has taken place, even when it has not. If the offended party feels that they have enacted the laws, then I am offered the opportunity or maybe I should say, it has now become my duty to bless. Amazing how the laws of God are opposite to the law of this world. Paul did this, Jesus obviously did this, David did this constantly with Saul. Who can take away my honour, peace and happiness? While it may seem so, God’s glory restores them and for me I might even have to wait for my death and eventual resurrection to see that take place. What a position of strength that is required. I believe it is only attainable if I am fully aware of my blessing and practice of blessing God for all that I have and all who He is and knowing that I have been called to serve God.

Father, thank You for reminding me of these great truths.

Erwin (evanlaar1922)

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Psalms 45:13-48:14

It is amazing as to what can catch my eye. I am in wonderment as to this upcoming wedding and have no idea why until I finish the rest of the story.

(Her wedding dress is dazzling,
    lined with gold by the weavers;
All her dresses and robes
    are woven with gold.
She is led to the king,
    followed by her virgin companions.
A procession of joy and laughter!
    a grand entrance to the king’s palace!) – Psalm 45:13-15 MSG

I am sure this has to do something with the Church and all I could find was this quote from Spurgeon that made sense.

“In one sense they are a part of the church, but for the sake of the imagery they are represented as maids of honour; and, though the figure may seem incongruous, they are represented as brought to the King with the same loving familiarity as the bride, because the true servants of the church are of the church, and partake in all her happiness.”

There is so much honour and joy at this wedding – I am not too sure if I can take this all the way back to how God presented Eve to Adam, but it makes for interesting thought. I thought too that it is just not anyone invited to be in the king’s presence or that gets into his palace. The kind of people that get invited are those who honour him.

I’ll make you famous for generations;
    you’ll be the talk of the town
    for a long, long time. – Psalm 45:17 MSG

These kinds of people will be invited – which begs the question for me that Boice asks.

“Are we doing as the psalmist did? Do we praise him who has purchased us to himself to be his bride? Are we working to see that the nations come to honor him as well?”

I think it is fair for me to challenge myself that honouring Jesus here on earth is the same that I will be doing when I am in heaven where I will see His glory, and where I will be praising Him. This is where I come into the wedding story – I can look forward with incredible anticipation to my union with Him and my glorious future with Him. I will be joined with others who will honour His name throughout eternity.

Father, I love these images that You have inserted into the Old Testament that have incredible meaning in the New. Thank you for speaking into my world today and reminding me on what honour looks like in an engagement and at a wedding. I am encouraged to be faithful and am encouraged to persevere. I am blessed to have been called by You and with that I bring You my praise and worship.

Erwin (evanlaar)

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Psalms 27:7-31:5

I discovered two key words in Psalm twenty-nine and they were honour and voice.

Bravo, God, bravo!
    Gods and all angels shout, “Encore!”
In awe before the glory,
    in awe before God’s visible power.
Stand at attention!
    Dress your best to honor him! – Psalm 29:1-2 MSG

The idea I see is not only to give glory, honour and attention to the Lord with the words of my lips, but the idea of awe means that I also use my action in my life as a way to do the same.

This idea of awe that I capture is that as God is working in my life, I am in awe in how He makes me new, how He delivers me from sin and how He saves me from my enemies. It is how I receive strength from Him. I believe I see this in the prayer Jesus taught us to pray – I see it in the opening line.

My little word study suggests that the word for “glory” in the New Testament is “doxa” which means to honour someone’s reputation or to make much of their name. That is the message I read here – I hear the demand to make much of God by giving proper honour to Him with my worship. He is worthy. He is majestic. It is more than asking God for the things I need.

When I go for my hike in the woods, either early morning or late afternoon, I see God’s glory in nature, in some ways the highest form of honour that God can use as an instrument to educate my soul and which prepares me for my days in eternity.

God is the only one to honour, there is no other – it is my duty.

In fact, when I choose not to believe or trust, and if I choose to complain and murmur, am I not robbing God of His honour and in this respect, have I failed to give due glory to my King? It would seem that when I choose to honour His name then I may stand in awe and not sin.

Father, when You enter my world, I join the angels in shouting praise and worship to Your majesty. I am in awe of how Your presence changes even how I think, never mind how I feel. I am in awe when I see Your power move ahead of me when I yield the concerns of my life over to You. I stand at attention every morning awaiting Your transforming words to make me a new person and to speak into the lives of those who are not intimate with You. Thank You for allowing me to serve You and giving me everything I need to serve You well.

Erwin (evanlaar1922)


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Psalms 5:8-8:9

I have quite a few different thoughts today. I will take them one at a time. I appreciated my time with Job and see myself reflecting in David some of the things I learned from him. I will start with a truth that I use in my prayer life that gives me incredibile confidence in God’s providence when it comes to deliverance.

Break in, God, and break up this fight;
    if you love me at all, get me out of here.
I’m no good to you dead, am I?
    I can’t sing in your choir if I’m buried in some tomb! – Psalm 6:4-5 MSG

I remind God that there is no way I can praise Him if I am dead and that if I died at the hands of someone, there would be no honour among those who are watching unless He spared my life. If it sounds like a missionary prayer, it is. I can walk through the most dangerous neighbourhoods with such a prayer.

If my hands are really that dirty,
    let them get me, walk all over me,
    leave me flat on my face in the dirt.

Stand up, God; pit your holy fury
    against my furious enemies.
Wake up, God. My accusers have packed
    the courtroom; it’s judgment time.
Take your place on the bench, reach for your gavel,
    throw out the false charges against me.
I’m ready, confident in your verdict:

Close the book on Evil, God,
    but publish your mandate for us.
Psalms 7:5-9 MSG

I started with one verse, then went to two and now ended up four that I had to share. There is so much Job in here. David admits that if he has sinned then takeaway all the marks of his honour in life – plant my face in the dirt.

David assumed, as did Job, that he was innocent and that God should be angry at his enemies and not him. He dreamed that because God was just and would show him favour that the nation of Israel would rally around him and therefore, God. Then God would enjoy honour when the people realized that He was ruling over them as their true King.

Nobody gets by with anything.
    God is already in action—
Sword honed on his whetstone,
    bow strung, arrow on the string,
Lethal weapons in hand,
    each arrow a flaming missile. – Psalm 7:11-12 MSG

This is who God is – my highest honour comes in warning people. Whenever my conversation comes to Jesus and someone asks me why I am telling them about Him, I share that I have to be faithful so that they could make a decision before meeting God.

I read a story recorded by Spurgeon (event happens in Canada) that sheds some light on this – click here for it.

Father, knowing my life is in Your hands, I humbly submit to Your actions and to Your call and purpose in my life.

Erwin (evanlaar1922)

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Job 20:12-24:12 

There were some interesting comments made between Eliphaz and Job.

Here is the first portion that I read. With a hand towards revenge, towards being ungodly, God still wants to spare the sinner and yet they treat His grace in an unworthy and ungrateful manner and they do not turn from their ways.

In the second portion I read, the world gets an opportunity to see God’s power and goodness, and we rather look at the short term value of the end of our life and our own happiness. This kind of thinking is so tight minded that there is no room for the Holy Spirit to even breathe. They cannot see that if they took their Will and placed it in the purposes of God, at their end, they would be free.

In this third portion, I put more attention. I see it most days I am sharing my faith. When I go from the route of the Law, or if I chose to go the route of Grace, the person I am talking to runs from God’s presence. What is worse is when God pursues them, they turn and tell Him to leave them alone. Just in case there is any presence of light in their soul, they completely drown themselves in the prison of unrighteous living. I have met these men – there is no desire to be crucified to worldly delights and are rather intoxicated by them. I look for a breath of goodness knowing there must be something there, but there is not. Creature comforts is all that matters. It is like they are trying to thrust themselves out of God’s presence. Their choice and delight is their damnation.

If you can believe it, this is where Eliphaz goes with Job and accuses Job of being such a person who has driven God out of his life. He accuses Job of thinking that God owed him something because he thought he had integrity and was complaining that God was afflicting him when He should have been beholden to him for his holiness and righteousness. Honours and happiness should have been his. The conversation is now getting messy.

I love this dialogue – on God alone is the only place to place the foundation of my life. It is with Him and only Him that I can say that God is my treasure.

My purpose is all of the sudden as clear as can be – when I set God as my foundation. Even in the middle of trouble and danger, I can have an abundance of joy and hope. So much so that I can give it away! God will save the humble and the humble will be exalted, not only in honour, but in comfort.

Father, may my pride not get in the way of our relationship and may I be found to walk before You with a humble heart.

Erwin (evanlaar1922)

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