Judges 1-3; Psalm 16;Luke 20

Judges 1- 3 It’s so sad to see all the self inflicted pain the children of Israel put themselves through again and again just because they walked in disobedience. The lesson learnt here is the price to pay for disobedience could be very costly!!

After Joshua and all the Elders that were with him died things seemed to go to plan until in Judges1:27 Manasseh made the grave mistake of not following God’s instructions and that was when things started going wrong. God was angry with them and sent His angel to rebuke the Israelites for making covenants with the canaanites and other inhabitants of the land, they served their gods and worshipped them. The bible talks about a new generation that arose after Joshua’s generation had died who didn’t know God or what He had done in Egypt so they worshipped other God’s and God punished them and defeated them at war because God’s hand was against the Israelites at war.

God in His mercy raised Judges to save them but the Israelites would return to their wicked ways and it became a vicious circle of defeat and rescue but they never left their wicked ways…

A number of lessons can be learnt here. 1/Why was there a generation that didn’t know God after Joshua’s generation..could it be that their fathers/mothers never taught them about God or were they just rebellious and enticed by the lifestyle of the other nations? – We must spend time teaching our children about our God from a young age and continue to have conversations about our God and the Christian faith with them even when they are grown up. 2/We must realise that when we walk in disobedience not only will God turn against us, we will also be left open to the enemy to plunder us. We must also be careful about the types of covenants we have with people who are not Christians or children of God which is why the bible says we shouldn’t be “unequally yoked with unbelievers”. Every covenant or relationship must be aligned with God’s word, if it’s in any way contrary to His word then don’t do it!!

Psalm 16 Here I see God is my all in all..He is the source of my refuge and “…apart from you I have no good thing”(Ps16:2 NIV) In verse 5 the Psalmist declares “…you make my lot secure” and in verse 8 he declares also “….with Him at my right hand I will not be shaken”. The Psalmist goes on to proclaim “you will not abandon me to the realm of the dead” and also “..you will fill me with joy in your presence with eternal pleasures at your right hand..” All these snippets of Psalm 16 just confirm to me we need nothing more than God because He is more than enough!! He is the all sufficient one..Glory!! Hallelujah!!

Luke 20 I see Jesus here demonstrate His wisdom and knowledge and how He was not only confident in the word He knew just when to speak, when to be quiet and the correct response for every situation. May we also learn from the example of Christ by spending time in the word so that we can confidently answer any questions from the world and also be able to teach our fellow brethren who may struggle with understanding God’s word. Most importantly though may we learn to trust in the Holy Spirit for guidance and instruction on when to speak and when to be quiet

In Christ




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2 responses to “Judges 1-3; Psalm 16;Luke 20

  1. Great thoughts to ponder here. Thank you!

  2. baymabyahoocom

    All glory to God🙏🏽…thanks a lot

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