Judg. 5; Acts 9; Jer. 18; Mark 4

Last summer, Bible reading refreshed me. That season of life was the start of a significant change in me from the way I thought, the way I saw, the way I felt to a desire for change. We put our house on the market. The weekly blogging and reading grounded me. My appetite for His word increased.

This summer, change is  underway. Our house is under contract. Our rooms are mazes of boxes. But unexpected bumps and pitches have knocked out the bottom of what I thought was sure in many areas of life. In my preoccupation I haven’t turned to the Bible as eagerly. Words that once read smooth seem veiled and foreign. I sit longer and stare at a computer screen.

Reading over Mark 4, the birds, the rocks, the thorns … I think of the terrain I’ve walked–sometimes rocky … sometimes thorny. And while it’s hard to see fruit in a trial, I’m grateful for the times of seeking Him, the times when life felt easier, to feed on Him. So that in these days when I am confronted by another surprise, I am reminded of who sustains and provides. Roots hold tight to the only thing that is sure: God.

Father, these days, these trials come as no surprise to you. And while I wake to the unexpected, you knew. Thank you for this life, intensified. I know you hear me. You have caught every tear. Your hand sustains me. You hold it all together. I praise you.

Courtney (66books365)



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2 responses to “Judg. 5; Acts 9; Jer. 18; Mark 4

  1. And in your words I see beauty from ashes. Praying for the oil of joy.

  2. Sue

    I can certainly relate. Thanks for your post. Actually thanks for all of them!!

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